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Hello ... I am a qualified Herbalist (Dorothy Hall Graduate 1991) and Energy Medicine practitioner / teacher ... with over 25 years experience in continuous clinical practice. I offer comprehensive health analysis and natural treatment routines to help you gently and effectively regain your health and wellbeing. Although I work with a range of people and health conditions, my particular area of experience is with viral influences and immune system disorders ... and their subtle underlying causes. You don't even have to travel to Ulladulla - I can provide consultations from a distance and have happy clients from all over Australia and other coutries. Please read on for further details about my work ...

Fiona Stephens - Energy Medicine Centre

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The ~ Maat Ka Ra ~ Energy Medicine Centre

Who is Maat Ka Ra?

Derived from ancient Egyptian times, Maat Ka Ra describes the universal principles of truth, balance and order in relation to the life force that flows within all beings. The name resonates with the aim and essence of the work provided by Fiona Stephens, herbalist and energy medicine practitioner & teacher.

What is the difference between health and illness?

We are beings with physical (structural), emotional (psychological), mental (intellectual), chemical and spiritual aspects ... and balance of the whole person must include the understanding that all of these make up the whole being.

Our life force(or Bio-Energy) is what animates and integrates these different aspects of ourselves. Health is the natural state of balance between these aspects of being.

Certain triggers can create disruptive influences and affect one or more of these aspects, which ... when prolonged can lead to illness. When our natural balance is disturbed, specific signs and symptoms occur and these can be recognised and acted upon to prevent further malfunctions from developing.

How can I help you regain your health naturally?

It is essential to gain a true and accurate picture of the influences causing disruption to your health. The picture should reflect each aspect of yourself ... the whole of you. To regain your balance the appropriate order of treatment that will best allow your life force to once again flow uninterrupted throughout your body, is essential to be determined. Then, safe, natural and supportive healing options provided can help your life force can regain your balance more effectively.

My aim is to provide personal service, assessment, treatment and advice ... which is supportive and effective. In order to achieve this, my consultations are comprehensive (minimum 2 hour initial consultations). I provide a private, comfortable and safe opportunity to gain an accurate understanding about the influences causing disruption to you.

During the consultation, we overview information particular to you and your life circumstances. Detailed health analysis provides on-the-spot information about the causes of your day to day symptoms ... and healing methods tailored to your specific needs are offered.

What 'Analysis Methods' are used?

I utilise three forms of analysis ... Iridology, Vega Testing and Kinesiology. These extend my empirical training and when combined with over 25 years of professional experience ... we gain a clear, accurate understanding of influences causing disruption to your health. The techniques also guide me to the best treatment options for you … and the appropriate order in which they should occur.

Iridology is the study of the iris - the coloured section of the eye, which receives it's information directly from the brain. The iris reflects processes, levels and conditions occurring within the function and structure of the person. Used as an overview and in conjunction with Vega Test analysis, the combination offer highly accurate information about ones state of health.

Vega Test Analysis is a non-intrusive method of analysis used to gain accurate on-the-spot information about influences disturbing the normal rhythms of ones life. It enables a comprehensive assessment of each aspect (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and gives indications as to the causes involved with ill-health patterns ... along with the most appropriate treatment required to regain health and balance.

Kinesiology ... It is the science of energy balancing, grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology ... developed by a Chiropractor named George Goodheart.

It may be understood as a system of natural health care which combines muscle testing (or monitoring), with the principles of Chinese medicine, to assess energy and body function ... applying a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality. Kinesiology is a comprehensive and holistic natural therapy that combines the wisdom of both eastern and western traditions.

Muscle testing is a scientifically proven method of determining whether the brain is in 'full communication' with the body. The muscle test acts as a feedback indicator to determine functional confusion associated with any body system. It is a feedback tool that enables one to assess and upgrade performance.

The system I use is called NIS ... Neural Integration System. It allows me to evaluate the body's function from a neuro-physiological point of view ... and at the same time, NIS allows for re-balancing, so it is both an analysis and treatment method (see below).

What 'Healing Methods' are used?

The life force is the only thing that can bring about a cure for any condition. However, modern homoeopathic remedies and organic herbal medicines are able to assist the life force, in removing influences that prevent it from doing its job.

Homoeopathic and Herbal remedies are combined with nutritional, dietary & lifestyle advice, emotional healing therapies, allergy testing, kinesiology, cleansing routines and immune system corrective and support programs.

Referrals are also offered (if required), to practitioners who are qualified in other modalities such as Osteopathy, Massage, Acupuncture, Spiritual Healing, Astrology, Meditation, Yoga or Relaxation therapies … and to mainstream General Medical Practitioners as necessary.

Neurological Integration System (NIS) ... also provides a subtle, yet powerful healing option. When certain stresses (physical, pathological, neurological and emotional) to the body exceed our individual tolerances, circuits in the body's neurological system become disconnected (similar to a fuse blowing in your home). Power is now reduced to that circuit and this will affect function and the brain no longer has full communication with the area of function associated. While the brain knows all about the symptom pattern that occurs, it no longer knows about the circuits that represent the underlying cause.

Using a set of prioritised assessment and treatment protocols, the neural circuitry and facets of body function they represent, are evaluated. Just like a checklist when having your car serviced. These checks evaluate all causal dysfunction that may have translated into symptoms.

The practitioner is a facilitator in the feeding of data to and from the brain. To find out what areas the brain is not fully controlling, a muscle test is used. In order for optimum function to be restored, the brain must acknowledge the fault in the circuit.

To do this the practitioner works with the 'receipt & dispatch' centre of the brain ... the Post Central Gyrus (which allows you to sense and know exactly what's happening anywhere in your body at any time) ... and it's relationship to a series of contacts that the practitioner holds on the body.

NIS was developed by Dr Allan K Phillips, an Osteopathic physician and health consultant to the pacific region for world health.

Modern Homoeopathic Medicines ... The basis of homoeopathy is that the vital energy or life force, must be treated, rather than treating just the physical symptoms. Homeopathic medicines work with the body’s vital energy force.

If the vital force is disturbed by physical, mental, or emotional stress, poor diet, lack of fresh air and exercise, hereditary problems, pathogens, toxins or environmental changes ... then illness can result.

An imbalance that is not addressed by the body, means that the body has not perceived the information about the disease or imbalance correctly. By introducing the same information in a slightly different form - energetically in a homoeopathic remedy - the information can be perceived correctly, thus allowing the body to re-balance naturally.

Organic Herbal Medicines ... are the oldest form of medicine. Until the mid 1940’s and the development of penicillin, herbal medicine was the primary form of medicine dispensed by Australian Pharmacists. Herbal medicine is in fact, the forerunner of modern pharmaceutical drugs, which were formed from isolated compounds found within the whole plant. Today, pharmaceutical companies synthetically produce these compounds.

Herbal medicines work with the body’s chemistry via nutrition. Traditional herbal medicine practitioners still prefer to use the whole plant. The action of the whole plant (the entire biological components of the plant) is a complete medicine, which is easily absorbed, tolerated, utilised and excreted … and has little to no side effects.

Treatment routines are usually based on a 12 week healing cycle. Subsequent consultations assess changes since the previous visit and remedies are provided for the next layer of healing. Usually 3 or 4 treatments are sufficient to regain balance depending on the condition and how long it has existed.

Emotional Healing Therapies ... work on the subtle anatomy - your consciousness, the chakras and the energetic counterpart of your physical body. It encompasses healing for the the three aspects of the mind:

....... Higher Mind - the aspect of Spirit
....... Conscious Mind - the Mental aspect
....... Sub-Conscious Mind - the Emotional aspect.

Emotions are normally experienced in response to an event and then released. Sometimes we hold onto the response locking it into our sub-conscious mind. This can cause a change in our outlook on life, where negative emotions can manifest and influence the state of balance.

Specific therapies used include ...

Flower Essences ... aside from their healing ability nutritionally, plants and flowers have another kind of healing ability. The spirit, essence or life force ... the energy of plants and flowers resonate with the spectrum of emotions and personality structures. Essences encourage the release of negative or disruptive emotions and belief patterns that can become locked in the sub-conscious mind and which contribute greatly to the cause of many illnesses.

Emotional Release Technique ... emotional patterns are triggered involuntarily by conditions in your environment. ERT is a subtle and extremely effective therapy that adjusts the sub-conscious response, so the emotions are not automatically triggered (and re-experienced) in response to a memory. ERT releases you from the influence of negative emotional patterns and empowers you to see and respond to situations in a new, more positive and healthy way.

Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Therapy ... The state of Hypnosis can be achieved by anyone. It is a safe and healthy state, the aim of which is to help you reach a deep level of relaxation where your conscious mind becomes an observer and your sub-conscious mind can be more readily accessed, in a way that offers clear information. Sometimes that information will be accessed from earlier life episodes, ancestral or past life influences ... the sub-conscious always knows where the person needs to go. Contrary to belief, the individual is very aware and ultimately in control of the exprience, the Hypnotherapist simply acts as a guide.

Whole Body Cleansing Programs ... Over the past dozen or more years Fiona has facilitated hundreds of clients through a comprehensive, safe and effective gastro-intestinal cleansing program. Designed to remove impacted intestinal mucous, it also clears back logged lymphatic systems, rejuvenates digestive and elimination organs and essentially gives you greater quality of life and literally adds 'years' to your life.

Impacted intestinal mucous can occur for many reasons, some of which include ...

~ years of eating a standard western diet
~ long term food and environmental allergies
~ alcohol and or caffeine overuse
~ general dysfunction of one or more digestive organs
~ antibiotic use = intestinal flora imbalances
~ parasitic or other intestinal infectious conditions
~ constipation or diarrhoea patterns

Weight loss is a wonderful side effect of Gastro-Intestinal Cleansing, as is a clear mind and healthy skin. Clearing a backlog of intestinal problems, this program paves the way for the whole body to more readily cleanse itself so that proper assimilation and good health can be regained. A book is available on the cleansing process, please contact Fiona for more information.

How do we do a consultation from a distance?

Similar to the process in person ... I will send you an information pack that will contain a comprehensive consultation form that you will need to fill in and either bring with you on the day - or return to me by mail. This provides me with details of your health history, day to day habits and patterns and your presenting symptoms.

In addition, we still utilise the VEGA Test Method of Analysis to gain a clear assessment of cause factors, disruptive influences and remedies or treatment required to regain balance.

Instead of being done in person, we can use a biological sample to access the information at an energetic level. Every cell in the body contains your DNA, the code or blueprint that allows you to grow and repair. Urine is a collection of cells and therefore a representation of you. It is easily extracted and sterile when it leaves the body.

In conjunction with the VEGA, your urine sample will allow us to measure energetic states of health and provide indications of the presence of disruptive influences. When used in a framework, the results can be interpreted quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

A urine sample pack can safely be sent via the normal postal system. For more information, please call ... 02 4455 4400 or 0427 787 327 ... or send an enquiry via email from this site.


Terms, Discounts and Rebates

Consultation fees are GST Free and are claimable on most health funds.

Discounts are available for Pensioners, Children and Students.

Terms are due on receipt and payable by CASH, CHEQUES, CREDIT CARDS or EFTPOS.


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