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Children and Teen's Health
Member since
Apr 2005

Fiona Wright Homoeopath

Phone 02 9819 7701
Mobile 0417 405 972
Address Level 2
Room 7/141 Victoria Rd
Drummoyne NSW 2047
Servicing Areas Drummoyne, Balmain, Rozelle, Abbotsford, Galdesville, Five Dock, Ryde, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW

Homoeopath Fiona Wright is based in Drummoyne, offering treatment for common health conditions experienced by Children and Adolescents.

Fiona Wright - Children and Teens' Health

Homoeopathy is a gentle, effective way to treat the gamut of medical conditions experienced by children.

One of the common conditions I’m able to treat is Children’s Ear Conditions.

Homoeopathy offers gentle, safe treatment for children’s ear infections. Recovery is often expedited, avoiding further complications as a result. Your child will be treated holistically during their consultation and any treatment aims to prevent your child from contracting colds and infections so frequently. The aim is to strengthen your child’s general health.

Homeopathy is also ideal for Teenager’s Skin Problems

Pimples and acne can be very stressful for teenagers, diminishing confidence and making them feel as though everyone is looking at their skin.

Most of my clients have tried topical Acne skin preparations without much success and some have been prescribed pharmaceutical medications including: Roaccutane or Minamycin, or in the case of girls, the oral contraceptive pill is provided to minimise hormonal swings. While these preparations may assist for a while, they can have serious side effects and often, when use of the medications ceases, the acne returns.

Homoeopathy is able to treat the cause of the condition, which is most often hormonal imbalances – diet and lifestyle choices are also a contributing factor.

I will examine and assess the symptoms of the individual’s skin condition as well as any other symptoms and the emotional temperament of the patient.



For more information about how Homeopathy can help your child or teen move forward with confidence and better health, call or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message me.


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