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Flametree Yoga Studio

Flametree Yoga Studio

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We offer a range of programs throughout the year for all levels of experience. Click on the general topics below to quickly see what we have to offer. Use the menus above or the shortcuts below to find more detail. Call or email if you have a question.

Flametree Yoga Studio

Servicing area

Stuart Park, Northern Territory

Focus areas

Posture Anxiety Emotions Stress management Digestive disorders Physical health

About us

Flametree Yoga Studio offers a friendly structured learning environment where students can enter as a complete Beginner and progress through to being an experienced student with an established home practice.Class sizes are strictly limited especially at the Beginner Level to foster an environment where students can best learn yoga and where their individual needs are met. Establishing a home practice is the key to improvement and understanding in yoga and at Flametree we provide home practice sheets at each level. We have two fully equipped rooms for teaching Iyengar yoga. One is large, the other a smaller more intimate space where Beginners and Individual Needs classes are held. Both are light airy spaces. We also have an excellent lending library, free to all students and we sell a wide range of props to help set up for home practice.

The studio offers:
  • Beginners 1 Courses - 6 weeks for complete beginners
  • Beginner 2 Courses - 6 weeks for those who have completed Beginners 1
  • Transition Class -from Beginner 2 to General Level
  • General Level Classes - for experienced students
  • Individual Needs Course - small specialised class to help those with special needs
  • Intensives, Workshops & Retreats
  • Pranayama Classes
Flametree Yoga Studio is located upstairs at 19b Bishop Street, Stuart Park. You enter via a garden walkway at the side of Yees Hobby Shop.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a very ancient discipline designed to promote self-awareness. It is known to have originated in India, some 5 thousand years ago. Yoga appeared in the west towards the end of the nineteenth century. From humble beginnings yoga has grown to be very widely practiced throughout the world by people from all walks of life.

Yoga has stood the test of time because it is a discipline able to speak to every aspect of the human condition. Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques talk to our bodies, our minds and our souls.

Indeed the very word “yoga” means union, uniting body mind and soul for health and fulfillment.

A yoga practice strengthens and invigorates all the bodies systems,removing toxins and stimulating circulation,toning the muscles ,leaving you feeling strong healthy and more flexible.On the mental and emotional level yoga aids concentration,steadies the emotions and calms the mind. On a deeper level the practice of yoga brings self-awareness leading one towards inner peace

Yoga is suitable for everyone. You don`t have to be young , fit and flexible to begin. Everyone can benefit , men and women of all ages, all sizes can attain benefit from yoga, you simply have to begin and then continue.

Iyengar Yoga

The twentieth century saw one man, Yogacharya BKS IYENGAR, totally revolutionize the practice and teaching of Hatha Yoga. Without sacrificing the purity of yoga’s original teachings he has managed through his practice and extensive writings to popularise yoga and make it accessible so that today millions follow his method.

BKS IYENGAR sees yoga as a philosophy an art and a science. On entering an Iyengar yoga introductory beginner course students are introduced first to standing poses (asanas). Here they will find an emphasis on accuracy in alignment of the body and attention to detail. They will understand that these postures are both physically challenging, penetrating every cell and tissue in their body, and mentally engaging. With regular practice Iyengar yoga students find they develop physical strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination. They also discover that yoga postures enhance not only physical health but bring clarity and steadiness to their mind and emotions.

Many that come to yoga suffering from a wide variety of disorders, like back and neck pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive disorders to name a few, soon discover that with a regular yoga practice they are able to manage their condition and find relief. Both BKS Iyengar and his daughter Dr Geeta Iyengar have worked extensively on the therapeutic effects of yoga.

In an Iyengar yoga class often props are used and modifications to classical poses made in order to help those with injuries, those with stiffer bodies develop understanding and strengthen their bodies and quieten their minds. Flametree Yoga Studio has a wide range of yoga props for sale including bolsters, mats, foam blocks and belts.

Beginner Levels

This is the first level in the beginner programme. Runs as a 6 week course for those with no previous yoga experience It is an excellent and enjoyable way to start yoga. You get introduced to the basics of yoga in a very coherent way.

Suitable for the stiffer body and those with injuries and ailments, for whom a gentler introduction to yoga would best serve their needs. When the time comes students can progress to Beginners 1.It is a small class, maximum 9 people.

This is the second level in the beginner programme Open to those who have completed a Beginners Course and are ready to tackle a wider range of poses. Generally students stay at this level for at least 6 months to a year before moving up to General level.


General Levels

The classes are open casual classes , meaning you are not required to enroll for a 6 week block of lessons. They are open to casual attendance, but if you are new to the school it is best to ring prior to check on availability.

Most students elect to attend one or 2 classes per week and pay on the monthly card system.If you miss a week you do not loose that class. You pay only for the classes that you attend.
To attend these classes you need to have completed the Beginner Courses at Flametree Yoga Studio (Beginners 1 and Beginners 2) or to have completed Iyengar Yoga Beginner Courses elsewhere. In other words you have at least a couple of years of yoga experience.
In these classes you can expect to find a wide range of student capability with each working to their own capacity. Some students will have just moved up to this level from Beginner 2 while others will have been at this level for quite a few years.
At this level all the different inversions are taught. Pranayama (breathing) is also taught at this level.

Runs in 6 week blocks. It is a small class where you work under guidance,on your individual issues. You will be shown how to use yoga to understand, explore and better manage your specific individual issue.So it is an excellent class for those who do have special issues, like back , neck ,shoulder issues or are recovering from basic injuries. Also suitable for stiffer bodies and older students. Beginners and those who have done yoga before can attend this class.

Intensive classes for experienced students are theme based classes designed to deepen students understanding. Generally held in the first week of each month. Suitable for experienced Beginner 2 and General level students.

All classes end with a relaxation session.

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