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Pure Zen Flotation

Pure Zen Flotation

10-12 Dundas Crt
Phillip ACT 2606

Servicing area: Canberra and surrounding regions

Pure Zen Flotation
Experience flotation at our custom designed float therapy centre.
The only place in Canberra you can float in the Dream Pod.

Pure Zen Flotation

Have you tried float therapy?

We invite you to enter the Dream Pod.
A private cocoon filled with 500kg of epsom salts and 600L of water.
The result being a solution so buoyant you float gently on top and cannot sink.

Inside the pod the water is controlled at skin temperature.
You lose your sense of where your body ends and the liquid begins.

The lights switch off and the relaxing music disappears as peaceful silence sets in.
Gravity is no more.

Completely unplugged your mind, body and soul are able to enter deep relaxation

This is your space.
This is your time.

Float therapy can help you with:
Pain relief, improved injury recovery times, assistance with injury rehabilitation, stress relief, profound relaxation, deep meditation, enhanced creativity and focus, mental and physical revitalisation, assistance with anxiety or depression and with addictive behaviours.

Try flotation here in Canberra at the city's premier float centre.
Pure Zen.

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