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Joe Cleveston

Flow of Being

Coogee NSW 2034

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ZenThai Shiatsu / Yoga / Energy Healing

Flow of Being

Focus areas

Relaxation techniques Muscle relaxation Stretches Bodywork Stiffness

I started my journey into bodywork and yoga around 3 years ago while searching for new ways to complement my gym training and possibly find some relief for my lower back and neck stiffness as a result of my desk job.

Since then, I've become passionate about all types of holistic practices and started investigating different healing methods that could integrate the connection between body, mind and spirit in order to reach optimal states of awareness.

My offerings are quite intuitive and intimate. My little apartment in Coogee provides a safe and harmonious space for your physical release and energetic cleanse.

See you soon!


3 Services

ZenThai Shiatsu

Shiatsu Yoga (All) Body Harmony
$100 Per hour

ZenThai Shiatsu is a new form of bodywork created by Gwyn Williams in 2003. It's also quite commonly known as the art of of touch. It integrates the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine as a foundational aspect in order stretch and move the b

Ka Huna Bodywork

Yoga (All) Body Harmony Reiki
$100 Per hour

Ka Huna bodywork is a Native Hawaiian style of table massage. It includes long and fluid strokes from head to toe with the aim to take the body and mind into a profound state of relaxation in order to experience a deep energetic and physical release. The


  • Ka Huna Massage
  • Zenthai Shiatsu
  • Yoga
  • Shiatsu

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