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You are what you eat. Yes, absolutely. You are also what you don’t eliminate. That’s an interesting thought.

Kate Cooke - Colonic Irrigation in Sawtell

The average healthy-weight adult on a typical western diet carries between 2-12kg of impacted faecal matter stuck to their bowel wall (for eg, they used to make wall-paper glue from white flour and water…!). This little-known fact is a reason why so many of us struggle with weight, with energy, with immune vitality, with skin blemishes, headaches, bloating and gut discomfort, sinus problems and body odour (to name but a few!).

Colonic Irrigation, or lavage, high enema or colonic hydrotherapy, is a safe, simple and intelligent approach to supporting the function of the body’s bowel. The bowel, (also colon or large intestine), is the last 5-6 foot of the body’s digestive tract. It’s your body’s garbage bin, or sewerage system. The bowel’s job, along with the obvious, is to host a range of bacteria responsible for approximately 80% of our immune system, recycle water and electrolytes (mineral salts), and make a few vitamins (some B’s and K).

Unfortunately, along with resorbing water and minerals, the bowel walls also absorb the by-products of whatever’s sitting in it. If matter sits in the bowel for too long, it produces some rather nasty results. Think what happens if you leave leftover food out in a warm moist environment for any length of time. It’s not a pretty picture, and it’s entirely preventable.

Colonic Irrigation removes old faecal matter, tones the bowel walls, and enhances overall bowel function.

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Kate Cooke Dip Nut DRM created Flushed with Health to support you to take control of your health.

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