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Food deFined

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Are you tired?
Have you wondered if changing your eating lifestyle
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Food deFined

There is an increasingly confusing world of popular knowledge when it comes to the food we eat; what is actually good for us? Which nutrients do we need more of? How do we eat conveniently while not compromising our health?

Let’s eat food that came out of the ground, not out of the factory.

Let’s eat real, unprocessed wholefoods that will heal and support the body to prevent disease, not ‘fix it’ once it’s here.

Let’s understand why we eat food, what it does to our bodies and how it can nourish us.

Let’s source the best, freshest seasonal produce from our local farmers.

Let’s hold the food in our hands, turn it over, feel the texture, smell the fragrance.

Let’s see where and how our food was grown, and learn how to stay away from the chemicals.

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Also works from: 7 Boundary Street, Singleton

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