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Visit us to find out how your feet effect your knees, pelvis and back. We consider your whole biomechanics holistically providing the following services as below.

Foot Focus Podiatry - Additional Services

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Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT)

Laser therapy is particularly beneficial in treating painful scars, chronic ankle injuries, as well as various musculoskeletal conditions.

The use of low level laser therapy brings about a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes.

Your podiatrist will access your situation and prescribe this treatment if necessary. The treatment is available on site at our clinic. Another way we are providing total care of our patients.

Joint Mobilisation

Foot mobilisation techniques are helpful for the correction of joint movement, quality and range. They are particularly useful for generalised achy or stiff feet and legs. Foot mobilisation techniques are also beneficial for chronic problems.

Brent has for many years produced great results by treating foot problems with mobilisation techniques.

Similar to Ted Jedynak, Brent Radford is a podiatrist who performs manual therapies / mobilisations. Brent has over 10 years of training via another musculoskeletal specialist, Dr Paul Conneely (testimonials) and Osteopaths.


Is a gentle and quick manual therapy that identifies tender points within your fascia which cause dysfunction and pain. The great thing about this treatment is that is only takes 90 seconds to relieve the pain of a specific point. This is done by moving certain parts of your body into positions of comfort and holding it for 90 seconds. Amazingly this eliminates the tender point and the associated strain reflexes which are causing neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) dysfunction along a fascial chain. These techniques are used to treat structural dysfunctions of the pelvis, knee, ankle and foot.

Our podiatrists are able to quickly test and identify dysfunction in the biomechanical and fascial chains that link the foot with the leg, pelvis, spine and upper extremities. Our bodies are amazing made and interconnected. That’s what makes our podiatrists different in that they address the whole body and not just your area of pain. This allows for better, long lasting results. Rather than just treating symptoms we aim to treat the cause of your problem.

Our podiatrist have been taught by Haydn Gambling who is an Adelaide based physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in treating clients with chronic pain and dysfunction. He has taught extensively in Australia and Europe since co-founding the Manual Therapy Institute in 1999. He is currently teaching an Integrative Manual Therapy series at Nuffield Health in the UK and Back in Motion in Australia and is undergoing certification to teach for the Jones Institute in Australia.

Trigger Point Therapy

How does trigger point release / dry needling work?

A trigger point is a hypersensitive region within a muscle (like those tender ‘knots’ or lumps that you can feel when you are stressed!). When compression is applied or a needle is inserted into the trigger point, it acts to ‘jump start’ the muscle and its nerve supply. This usually results in a reflex relaxation of the muscle.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a very safe and effective way to remove muscles knots which in turn cause pain and dysfunction. This technique had a very positive effect on relaxing muscles.

Compression techniques (massage) instead of dry needling can also be used for those that don't like needles. When compression is applied into the trigger point, it acts to ‘jump start’ the muscle and its nerve supply. This usually results in a reflex relaxation of the muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage (Myofascial Therapy)

Is a soft tissue therapy which focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness which is turn helps improve flexibility and relieve pain. Our treatment will help relax your contracted muscles, improve your blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in your muscles. Our podiatrists recognise that your body works as an integrated whole, and within that whole there are chains of muscle and fascia (connective tissue) which work together. Like the kids songs says, “the foot bones connected to the knee bone…” That is why it is so important to see a podiatrist who focused on the whole body not only the area of your pain.

Additional Courses

Course What? Benefits to You
Mobilisation of joints Correction of joint
movement – quality and
Particularly useful for
generalised achy or
stiff feet and legs. Also
beneficial for chronic
Muscle dry needling
& Trigger point
Unlocking the soft tissue
that is involved in the
A fast and effective way
to remove “muscle
Osteopathy Mobilisation &
techniques for the foot and
ankle. Allows diagnoses
of foot dysfunction based
on osteopathic
biomechanics and
palpation of motion
These gentle techniques
are beneficial in
restoring joint
movement and quality
of movement.
Advanced orthotic therapy comprehensive
understanding of how
orthoses (shoe inserts)
are made.
This ensures greater
individualisation when
making your orthoses.
Acupuncture Inserting and
manipulating needles
into various points on
the body to relieve pain
or for therapeutic purposes.
Allows for additional pain relief.
Laser therapy works on a cellular level influencing the course of metabolic processes. Can be used on most conditions but is particularly beneficial in treating painful scars & chronic ankle / muscle injuries.
Strain-Counterstrain Therapy that identifies tender points within your fascia. Gentle, very fast (takes 90 seconds) effective way of helping fascial tightness which cause dysfunction and pain.
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Podiatry - NEW PATIENT - General treatment of nail and skin

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Podiatry - EXISTING PATIENT - General treatment of nail and skin

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