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Irene Downs

Forest Reflexology and Nutrition

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Irene offers a tranquil space to experience a rejuvenating reflexology treatment that will ease the chaos and stress of daily life. Find serenity in an invigorating one-hour treatment and enjoy your well-deserved moment self-care. Call Irene to schedule your treatment today!

Forest Reflexology and Nutrition

Focus areas

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As a qualified clinical reflexologist and nutritionist, Irene is a passionate advocate of complementary medicine.

After suffering a serious sickness, her interest in food and health grew dramatically.  

Through her experience, she learned how extremely important it is to be proactive about health and put all energy needed to live a vibrant and fulfilling life. 

At Forest Reflexology and Nutrition, Reflexology treatments aim to encourage your body to bring back its natural balance. 

You will enjoy a soothing foot or hand treatment that will melt away stress and improve your cortisol levels so your body can restore its parasympathetic state. 

While nutritional consultations are available to support and guide you as you discover the best ways to eat the proper food to help you achieve your health goals. 

Irene will provide you with the appropriate tools to create healthy eating habits tailored to your individual needs and navigate through the complexities of food and nutrition.

Through reflexology and nutrition, Irene hopes to assist you in re-energising your body and restoring your health and wellbeing.

Services Offered

Nutrition Consultations

One of the best ways to reignite health is to heal from the inside out.

By establishing a nourishing diet and choosing the right food, you can restore your health. 

Irene will guide you in making the necessary changes to achieve optimal health in a manageable and sustainable way. 

Whether you have a certain health condition or want to achieve a specific health goal, Irene will create a treatment plan tailored to you and will provide you with the necessary tools to support your road to wellness.

Reflexology Treatment

In reflexology, specialised massage techniques and applied pressure on the feet and hands that correspond to body organs are used. 

It’s a therapeutic and stimulating treatment that activates the organs and nervous system. At the same time improves circulation and energy channels of the body, which restore functional balance, energy and vitality. 

Benefits of reflexology include:

  • Stress relief
  • Pain reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Stronger immunity
  • Supports detoxification support
  • Improved organ function and overall wellbeing


  • Initial Consultation, 75 minutes - $120
  • Second Appointment, 45 minutes - $75
  • Follow-up Appointmens, 30 minutes - $50
  • Standard treatment for adults, 1 hour - $80
  • Concession for students, teens and seniors, - $70
  • Children up to 12 years old, 30 minutes - $40

Testimonials from Irene’s Previous Clients

“I have suffered from chronic foot pain for years.  Irene practiced a special pain reduction massage on my feet and the relief was immediate.  I cannot recommend her treatments enough!” - KM

“I have only positive feedback to give about my reflexology treatments and for my reflexologist Irene Downs.  One hour of massaging and gentle manipulation of my feet brought harmony to my soul. It made me feel so relaxed and I thank you for that.” - DW

“Irene, you have a gift.  You come from a place of love with a caring aura.  Your interest and dedication to natural health radiates from you and I feel this must be your 'sphere of calling', one of mother earth's healers.” - CB

“I love my fortnightly foot reflexology treatments.  It is my dedicated time for self-care.  Irene's hands are magic and I always leave feeling so chilled-out and great knowing I've taken the time to do this for myself.” - GC

To book a treatment or consultation with Irene, give her a call or send a message online.


  • Advanced Diploma In Nutritional Medicine
  • Certificate In Clinical Reflexology

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