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Forresters Beach Massage & Wellness

Christine Pinteric

Forresters Beach NSW 2260

Forresters Beach Massage & Wellness

Where do you carry your stress? Upper back, shoulders and neck?
Lower back and legs? Feet or head? Massage can help all areas of the body to become well again. Muscles that are too tight can change the posture of your body and cause pain.

Forresters Beach Massage & Wellness

Have a Relaxation or Remedial Massage to relieve tension in your body.
Upper back neck and shoulders? Lower back, legs or arms. Posture is very important to a well kept body holding all of your 700 muscles. Muscle aches and pains, are often put up with as something that will always be there. This does not have to be the case. A great massage can relieve symptoms of sore muscles, headaches, fatigue, a feeling of immobility from stiffness where there is no medical reason for these feelings to happen.

A Reconnective Healing will give you a feeling of contentedness and peace. You may drift off, or be completely alert. Call me for an appointment to benefit from the experience. Every customer will have a completely different experience. Perfect for people who prefer no touch.

Qualification Details

Diploma Therapeutic Massage
Reconnective Healing
Sound Therapy
Counselling (Diploma of Counselling)

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Forresters Beach Massage & Wellness