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Intuitive Counselling
Member since
Aug 2018

Freealisable Therapies

Phone 07 3820 8411
Mobile 0400209006
Address Victoria Point QLD 4165

The goal is to align the thought and the emotion - to create a proactive tool for the conscious use of manifestation of an ideal lifestyle for the client.

Freealisable Therapies - Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive is ‘gut instinct’ or ‘extra sensory perception’ which works at a much more profound level for a ‘bigger picture’. Intuitive Counselling is a beautiful combination of your own intuitive guidance and traditional counselling techniques. Used in this approach are techniques of Person-Centred and Solution Focused Therapies.

Through the building of rapport and empathy in the interview process, Bruce offers a relevant evaluation of the client’s lifestyle. A personalised counselling program is then created helping the client to bridge the gap between the client’s current lifestyle and a where they would like to be.

By evaluating the emotions and mental state connected to the client’s lifestyle allows Bruce to pinpoint their origins and determine whether an effective solution can be found on a conscious level. Being able to align emotions and thoughts on a conscious level enables control to be re-established over our behaviour and to create a variety of opportunities in the world.

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