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Genene Taylor

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Servicing area: Northern Rivers & Australia Wide via zoom video

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy

Genene Taylor Freedom Therapy

It's your time to shine!

Are you ready to put yourself first and set yourself free from your past?

Are you feeling stuck, repeating the same patterns in life over and over, unmotivated, constantly procrastinating, lacking in confidence, feelings of being unlovable, constantly putting yourself down and negative self-talk, feelings of anger on a daily basis, feeling inadequate, feeling like you can't progress in your career, constant money issues, feelings of anxiety on a daily basis, feeling out of control of your emotions, feeling lost or just want to understand why you constantly cannot get what you want in life?

Did you know that as children, we create illogical beliefs that we carry into adulthood, therefore limiting us from living happy, healthy and abundant lives? For example; as a child you may have told yourself that your parents love your sibling more than you, simply because your sibling received more attention for something, leaving you with feelings of being unlovable. I can guarantee that you are still carrying that same childhood belief right now as an adult and you may not even be aware of it!

We regularly update our smart phones, PC's etc to install newer and better software, so why aren't we taught to upgrade our beliefs?

Understanding how the mind works enables us to harness our minds power which is much easier than you think!

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a highly successful therapy offering rapid results in 1-3 sessions.
Combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies to access & rewire the subconscious mind, in order to remove old outdated self-beliefs created during childhood. Once the subconscious mind is accessed, we reinstall new, powerful positive beliefs. You are gently guided to a deeply relaxed state (hypnosis) where I help you access your subconscious mind to discover the events that helped you create your outdated beliefs. Powerful tools are used throughout the session to remove those beliefs and reinstall the new beliefs. A bespoke transformational audio is provided for you to listen to for a minimum of 21 days which helps to cement in those new beliefs.

I have worked with many issues - Achieving Goals, Anxiety, Anger, Addictions, Confidence, Depression, Exercise, Fertilty, Food/Diet, Public Speaking, Sexual issues, Pain control, Procrastination, Sleep issues, Relationships, Panic Attacks, Fears & Phobias, Stress and many more.

'Free yourself from limiting self-beliefs that are holding yourself back from living your best life'!


What My Clients Say;

'From the moment I met Genene I felt at ease as I was feeling very nervous beforehand. She made me feel very comfortable and facilitated a beautiful session. Genene has a very empathetic and compassionate nature about her and I absolutely loved our session. 
 Thank you so much Genene you are an amazing therapist!' - Melanie O


'I'd never had hypnotherapy before & didn't know much about it. I even feared it a little as I imagined it to be something more manipulative. My thoughts about it have completely changed now! Genene guided me to a deep relaxed state where my mind took me back to my childhood where my blocks started in preventing me from getting pregnant. It was such an amazing experience!' - Yoshiko


'Genene was generous with her time speaking with me to ascertain what my symptoms, triggers and affects I lived with were. She then guided me through a powerful session assisting me clear blocks and beliefs that shaped my ill-health, and provided me with an amazing audio to further instruct my mind to work with my body to restore full health. I feel like I have pivoted around within myself, turning to live in the present moment with a deep feeling of wellbeing and freedom, and a greater sense of love for myself.' - Chrissie


'I found Genene very warm and welcoming, I instantly felt at ease in my sessions. Genene has a very calm and nurturing voice which I find comfort in when listening to my personalised recording she prepared for me for my nightly routine.' - Holly 


'Genene was warm, caring and professional in the lead up to, and throughout the session. Genene made me feel comfortable on the day and followed up regularly after my session to ensure I was ok, check on my progress and offer advice if needed. The session uncovered some surprising things that enabled me to understand myself better and move past the things that have held me back my entire life. I'm thankful for her time and caring nature and thankful I finally took the step and reached out for help. I would encourage anyone to give this a try, you'll be surprised how good you may feel afterwards'. - Kris

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Certified Hypnotherapist

Qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist

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Genene Taylor Freedom Therapy