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In my private practice over the past 25 years I have created an intuitive inner process called Transformational Therapy which specializes in integrating ancient and modern approaches to healing mind, body and soul. I invite you to explore the many paths to awakening the power and beauty your Higher Self.

About Transformational Therapy

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Servicing Perth and the surrounding areas.

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Depression Love Purpose Emotional wellbeing Boundaries Subconscious


Hello, my name is Robert Coleman, a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Founder of Transformation Therapy. Many people are starting to become more and more awakened to their soul-purpose but feel stuck or blocked in unfolding this emerging higher consciousness in all areas of their life.

Spiritual Practice is no longer bound to the isolated confines of monasteries, ashrams, or retreats but must more and more become manifest in all aspects of our life and love affairs. It has been said that 93% of our mind is unconscious and only 7% is conscious, yet we lack the inner pathways or protocols to access and change that hard-wired part of ourselves that governs our embedded reaction to life.

We carry resistances, limiting beliefs, cellular memories, and traumas in our subconscious mind from past lives and this life that holds us back from living a life of joy and fulfilling our soul’s purpose. I work intuitively with many modern and ancient therapeutic tools to get to the underlying cause of the blockages and reprogram those sabotaging memories, beliefs, and patterns which open the channels to your own soul guidance. This will allow you to once more feel the purity, innocence, power, and joy that brought you forth within you from the Spirit World to do and be that which you truly are!



Exploring my past lives has given me a deep understanding of why things have happened to me in this life. I no longer feel desperate or wish that I could die. The deep depression I have experienced my entire life is lifting. Everything is making sense to me now. I look at my relationships differently and I am able to make better decisions. For the first time, I’m setting boundaries and letting go of people who do not respect those boundaries. I am more empowered and I feel I have much more control over my life. I’m moving forward with an understanding that could not have been achieved without your assistance. Our sessions together have been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! - Douglas, NSW

Using hypnosis, Robert enabled me to discover a critical past life that gave me the insight I needed to resolve long-standing issues so I could move forward in my life. During the session, Robert also connected me with key people in my life who had either passed on or are still alive — and I was able to come to closure with them in a powerful and loving way. - Phillip, Perth

He informed me what he would do, what would happen, and made me feel comfortable about trying this. I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. What I found was a very relaxing, enjoyable experience that also taught me about who I am, and about my past lives. It was literally life changing. I leftwanting to find out more. - Albert, Sydney

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Transformational Therapy Session

1hr 30min
Spiritual Healing
$140 Per session

An all--purpose Spiritual Healing Session which can include aspects of hypnotherapy, past life regression, soul retrieval and other shamanic healing techniques to remove the psychic sediment of the past and empower the Soul to its Divine Purpose.


  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Meditation Therapy
  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Graduate Diploma In Health Science (nutr Med)
  • Past Life Regression Practitioner
  • Certified Life Between Lives Practitioner
  • Shamanic Healer
  • Relationship Therapist

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