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Transformational Therapy

Robert Coleman

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Hypnotherapy.... In my practice I specialize in Past-life and Life Between Lives spiritual therapies.


What is Past Life Regression?

Regression is the experience of going back to an earlier period and Past-Life Regression (PLR) involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime or if you would like a deeply embedded unconscious emotional memory that has nothing to do with your current life.

Past-life Therapy (PLT) is PLR utilised for spiritual and emotional healing. Past Life Therapy sessions will frequently include additional steps, such as contacting higher beings, visualising healing energies, or communicating with past-life entities or characters.

What is Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression?

Life Between Lives refers to our existence as souls between physical lifetimes. Individuals who have near-death experiences (NDEs) report a journey to another level of existence. Frequently clients will report themselves entering into a beautiful light and discovering amazing peace and love. Other people start to revisit this between-lives state throughout past-life regression. They may recall planning their next life and picking goals of learning and achievement for that lifetime. Many of us can benefit from accessing these experiences whilst we are still in our physical bodies.

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