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Transformational Therapy

Robert Coleman

20 Yeeda St
Riverton WA 6148

Transformational Therapy

The dance of intimacy, of penetrating into the infinite richness of your own aloneness and simultaneously diving deeper and deeper into the harmony and fusion of togetherness with a beloved is the deepest alchemy of love we can practice.


Each one of us is haunted by the riddle and every love affair and friendship is an attempt to existentially solve this puzzle – how to be alone and together in harmonious communion.

By coming to terms with your current style of intimate relationship, it will become clearer what the next step is. For example, which of the 3 styles is most like your recent, current, relationship: 50/50, Dependence or Intimate Communion?

Each of these 3 styles is also a stage that you can grow through if you are willing to be lovingly humorous about your own patterns in intimacy.

  • Dependence: “Men Are Men and Women Are Women.”

  • 50/50 Relationship: “Safe Boundaries and Equal Expectations for Men and Women.”

  • Intimate Commune: “I Relax into Oneness and Spontaneously Give My Deepest Gift.”

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