Rife Frequency Therapist, Medium, Healer

Pakenham VIC 3810

Servicing area: Pakenham, Werribee, Olinda

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Scalar Wave and Rife Frequency Therapy works by scanning your body and providing information on the frequency of the pathogens, toxins and imbalances in your system that are causing your health issues. By matching the frequencies of the pathogens, with the same frequency, pathogens dissolve and are not able to survive. You body then has the capacity to eliminate these toxins through the normal channels.

The body scan is non invasive and scans down to a cellular level, to provide the information needed for a healing program to be designed and implemented to target your bodies specific needs. This allows the body to balance and regulate itself back to a better state of health.

By eliminating the pathogens that cause illness, you can prevent disease from forming and create a foundation for better health. 

Works on all levels, and includes programmes for Emotional, Mental and Spiritual balance, Metal and Chemical toxins, Chakra balancing, General Detoxing of organs and systems, Bach flower remedies, Ayvedic Medicine, Color Therapy and Solfreggio Healing.

Often a change in diet is recommended and suppliments to help cellular health, nutrition and detoxing is advised and available to purchase if needed.

Healing with Scalar Wave for animals and Remote healings also available. 

Assists:  Immune system health, pain relief, digestive health, memory and cognitive functions, arthritis, bone problems, organ functions, blood sugar levels, reproductive health, skin issues, stress relief, and so many other body ailments. 

Sound healing massage bed is available at Pakenham and Werribee locations to assist the body to relax. These sound frequencies assist the frequencies from the treatment to be better absorbed into the body system. Its also a really lovely experience for charkra balancing.  





Rife Frequency Therapist

Healing Benefits Include, 

Pain relief, reduces inflammation, assists with arthritis in the body. Assists with Injury healing and skin regeneration. Assists skin problems and excezma. Slows aging, boosts energy levels, regerates cells and regulates organ functions.

Balances blood pressure and improves circulation. Protects the body from cancers and normalises cancer cells. Balances blood sugar, assists with diabetes and weight loss. Stimulates the immune system to aid healthy functioning.

Destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Assists allergies and food intolerances, Balances nervous system for depression, relaxation and stress relief. Enhances focus, memory and migraine relief.  Assists with so many other health issues as well. 

Price per session:  from $140 to $160 depending on location. 

Sessions time, allow 2 hours.

Remote healings $45 for 7 days

Endorsing natural products from Grasses of Life for detoxing, vitamin and mineral suplliments and general wellbeing.

I use these products and have found them beneficial to my own health journey.


As an alternative to conventional medicine, this therapy cannot claim to cure diseases, but has been proven very effective in relieving and breaking down the foundations that cause illness.


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Rife Frequency Therapist, Medium, Healer