Friendlies Pharmacy and Naturopathic Clinic Subiaco

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Friendlies Pharmacy and Naturopathic Clinic Subiaco
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Friendlies Pharmacy and Naturopathic Clinic Subiaco

At Friendlies Chemist Subiaco we employ eight qualified naturopaths, a testament to the importance we place on wellbeing and providing our customers with access to a balance and variety of information and services for natural health.

Our highly experienced consulting naturopaths offer individual consultations to guide you back to a state of good health. Naturopathy offers a holistic approach to health with the belief that well-being represents the balance between and strength of the body, mind and spirit. The body has the innate ability to heal given the right opportunity. It is the aim of naturopathy to provide the ideal opportunity for body to enable self-healing. This is provided through the various disciplines of naturopathy including: nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and flower essence therapy, as well as an understanding of various other natural therapies such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture. Friendlies Pharmacy Subiaco is proud to offer the following products and services:

  • Naturopathic Consultations (including Iridology)

  • Hemaview Live Blood Analysis

  • Friendlies Weight Loss Centre for Health & Wellbeing

  • Selected agents for the highly successful Ultra Lite Program - The Professional Weight and Health Management System

  • Podiatry

  • Comprehensive Herbal & Homoeopathic Dispensary

  • Jurlique Facials & Aromatherapy Massage


  • Clinipath Pathology located upstairs

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