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What You Don’t See Could Be Affecting Your Life

Professional Clearing

Servicing area

Adelaide, South Australia

Focus areas

Subconscious Tapping Happiness Light healing Emotional wellbeing Addiction

Do you Need a Professional Clearing?

I am a certified Professional Clearer ® My specialty is removing unseen ‘dark forces’ that could be affecting your peace of mind, your health, your ability to move forward in life, your opportunities, your friends, your family life, how you interact with other people, your work.
Dark forces are more than ghosts and magic spells.
I am a well trained - skilled professional who can ‘clear’ people, houses, land, and businesses at a distance via a complex system of analyses and Professional Clearer® methodology. This system is clear, clean, and fast.
I take the ‘scare’ out of what seems to be a ‘scary’ process.
I am able to clear complex cases at a distance. The results are felt within 24 hours.

My work with you will include the following:

  • A detailed Analyses of the Problems. A phone consultation to discuss the results.
  • Removal includes Past Life Vows and Agreements, Past Life Spells and Enchantments, Past Life ET Implants, Past and Present Life Vows of Poverty
  • A before and after ‘Light’ Analyses
  • Removal of ‘cording’ from 14 different Chakras
  • Removal of ‘cording’ from 12 different dimensions (many things that need to be cleared can be trapped in many different dimensions)
  • A Gold Treatment® ~ A non-medical Light Therapy. This will increase ‘Light’ to repel dark forces.


11 Services

Transpersonal Art Therapy

1hr 30min
$120 Per session

Art therapy is… This powerful therapy assists to process via the creative channels, problematic emotional, physical and spiritual aspects appearing in our life. This work requires no artistic skills as expression comes naturally to us all within this pat

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

1hr 30min
$120 Per session

Developed by Dr Diana Fosha it is an evolving process assisting those in crisis, pain and suffering. It opens up the opportunity for what may remain untapped potential. Tracking emotions and sensations unfolds a place for left and right brain to coalesce,


  • Reiki Master
  • Psychotherapy
  • Healer
  • Transpersonal Art Therapist & Counsellor
  • Visual Artist

Professional Membership

  • ACA - Australian Counselling Association
  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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