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Gabriela Beatson Yoga

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Vitality Emotions Postnatal support Stress management Circulation Relaxation

About Gabriela

In my previous life I was a successful IT Business Analyst, working full time behind a computer but finding life very challenging. I used to feel overemotional, very stressed, physically sore from sitting down at work so many hours. I didn’t know how to cope with life and how to look after my body and my mind in a natural and balanced way.

I was already attending a weekly yoga class which became a portal to feeling better and a sacred time of the week to unwind my body and mind. I was going to a class on Fridays after work, and I did it for four years. This first yoga teacher guided me throw my early steps of spiritual experiences and personal development.

One night I had to make the decision of either moving to the mountains (to hide) or change. AND I DECIDED TO CHANGE. I continued yoga and healthy eating to find balance in my body. That brought balance to my emotions and more clarity to my mind. I was feeling more centered I KNEW I WANTED TO HAVE A JOB THAT WOULD ALLOW ME TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY. During a trip to Chile I met my Aussie husband. I had the opportunity to join a yoga teacher training and I did, and after that I moved to Australia.

We all feel tension in the body or in the mind, sometimes more, sometimes less. Where and how do you feel it? Yoga is one of the noblest disciplines of the world and those who practice it will get positive results. Its goal is to help the man control his physical, spiritual and mental bodies. The circulation of the blood, the level of tension of muscles and nerves, and even the thoughts that our mind creates are sensitive to progressive control and domain.

The realization of full bliss (the Higher stage) is beyond the comprehension of most mortals, and it is only reached by a few, who have passed through all stages and have accredited all merits for that.

In virtue of my personal experience, from the bottom of my heart, I can recommend the practice of yoga to everybody. EVERYBODY CAN DO SOMETHING, EVEN IF IT IS ONLY TO BREATHE. It is an inexhaustible source of vitality and good mood.

Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a mellow yoga class, easy to follow and slow pace which makes it ideal for seniors, prenatal and postnatal mums, beginners, less fit or very tight, or even those who are simply looking for a more relaxed workout.

General Class

General Class is an All Levels class, so you will find beginners and advanced practising together as a group. The class is adapted to whoever is in class and the energy level of the group. So sometimes is a bit easier and sometimes a bit harder. Never the same because we don’t feel the same way all the time and so is our yoga practice. You can expect starting with some seated limbering excerices, then some dynamic sequence to warm up the body, then poses in supine and prone position, then seated poses to finish, then relaxation. Sometimes breathing exercises and meditation. Always providing variations to suit your personal needs, encouraging listening to your own body, finding your balance, increasing strength, flexibility, and calmness.


It is a class with more emphasis on alignment and introduction and practise of more challenges poses when the students are ready for them. There is more practice of bhandas and reminder of mindfulness during the practice.

Who may want a private lesson?

  • Prenatal mums

  • Postnatal mums who have bub with them

  • Students with specific therapeutic needs

  • Students who may feel overwhelmed in a group class and prefer the privacy of their homes

  • Advanced students who want to improve their practice

  • Couples who want to share a yoga practice

  • Students who want to improve their understanding of yoga

  • Busy people who can’t make it to group classes and need a class even at their office

  • Foundations for people with mental disabilities who would like to offer something different

  • Child Care Centers who offer Kids Yoga

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