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Gabriele has been a naturopath for over 30 years and is a qualified healer,Quantum Biofeedback practitioner , energy worker, hypnotherapist. She specialises in nutritional, emotional,mental and spiritual support and is now pleased to be able to assess your health issues with the aid of the Quantum Biofeedback system to create outstanding outcomes for you and assist you as a life coach.

Engstrom Gabriele

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Paddington, Queensland

Focus areas

Group meditation Relaxation Purpose Joy Space clearing Life purpose

Biofeedback practitioner and naturopath Gabriele Engstrom has a joyful aura that instantly makes you feel secure and free to be yourself. Her natural talent, open personality and years of experience enable Gabriele to be a skillful and trustworthy guide through the dark or challenging times in your life.Gabriele has a unique way of healing, since she teaches you how to use frequencies, your innate healing power and your spiritual connections to achieve what you would like in life.
Using her 30 yrs skills, she aids you in breaking down the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual barriers that stand between you and success. Whether it be with relationships, trust, prosperity, health or career. After reevaluating you life's perspective and helping you to make some lifestyle changes to support overall health and well being, you will leave Gabriele with a fresh and clearer view of reality, leaving stress, anxiety, mental and physical fatigue behind.
She also acquired a scalar wave laser which supplements the Biofeedback system.

Scalar Wave Lasers utilize a combination of cold laser therapy technologies and vibrational medicine and frequency medicine technologies that research and studies for over 3 decades have shown are ideal for treating Pain, Inflammation, Wounds, Scar Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, needle free acupuncture, Smoking Cessation, Weight Control, Chakra Balancing, Organ and Gland Balancing and Much More.

The Scalar Wave Laser is easy to use. These deluxe, attractive and portable, battery operated cold lasers are more advanced than any laser on the market today. This Quantum Healing Laser is perfect for the individual user or seasoned practitioner who wants to be able to treat the largest range of conditions from skin and bones, to organs and glands.

How does the SCIO Biofeedback system work?

The Bio Feedback Device is all about energising the natural life force of your body. It makes use of quantum physics, scanning your body by resonating with energetic signatures. The Device then feeds back a client-directed signal to allow the therapist to interpret and begin the healing process.

Who can benefit from the Biofeedback system?

Anybody and everybody, from an infant to seniors, and even animals.

The Biofeedback system has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and hypertension that may be related to illness, injury or emotional trauma. The biofeedback produced by the device can result in an overall improved sense of well-being, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance.

Gabriele specialises in:

  • Gum and teeth problems

  • Detox and cellular rejuvenation

  • Allergies

  • Hormone imbalances, menopause

  • Nutritional deficiencies, skin problems

  • Candida and other fungal infections

  • Toxicities such as parasites and worms

  • Stress reduction, insomnia

  • Pain

  • Emotional blockages and anxieties that stop you from moving forward

  • Mental stressors

  • Chakra and energy balancing

  • Exploring your life purpose
Why not have the Naturopath with a portable healing device come to your office, it saves the owner time and the employees are more productive. Like an in house masseur, but in a naturopathic way. Corporate packages are available for you and your staff to climb to their peak!

Gabriele is always happy to give talks to groups about nutrition, health and meditation.

Bookings essential.

Gabriele is an ATMS member
Health fund rebate available
mob 0413428057
Please feel free to call now to have a chat about how Gabriele can help you.


"Working with Gabrielle has been a life saver for me! When things have gotten really stressful, I ask Gabrielle for a SCIO session, then by the next day I feel noticeably calmer, clearer and back on track. I don't have to do anything - Gabrielle just works her magic for me! I have referred many people to Gabrielle - all whom have reported experiencing amazing results too.
It is the simplest, fastest, easiest way to clear energetic blocks that I have ever come across."

Natasha Howie

"My friend took me along to what I thought was a meditation group, you know, sitting quietly, emptying your mind, listening to soothing music and saying a few ‘Oms’. Nothing like it. To begin with I was greeted by Gabriele who radiates warmth and friendliness and I immediately felt comfortable and safe. She began by telling us (about 8 women) about herself and her ‘device’. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but it sounded good to me and I let myself go into the peaceful space that had been so quickly created. After about half an hour of relaxation, beautiful music and the feeling of the Tibetan healing bowls resonating through my soul, I left feeling very whole and ready to accomplish whatever I chose to do the next day, and the next and the next. Am I going again? Try stopping me."

"I had an interesting session with Gabriele earlier this year, the best thing to come out of it for me was my belief in what was possible, and of course with increased belief I've experienced more certainty and am experiencing the attraction of dreams and desires manifesting in my life that previously were idle wishes.
Very Empowering! Thanks Gabreile, it's about inner certainty and really unless you 'get' it you don't know what you are missing. Actually the confidence to speak up about my deepest innermost desires and propose Multi-Millionaire Party 2020 came from our session. It was the catalyst to the knowing that Deep Wanting within is possible!!!"

Debra Jarvis http://DebraJarvisSpeaks.com

"Feel much healthier since my move from the previous house. I'm now right by the ocean. Thank you SO much for that powerful session I had with you that showed up the radiation in my field. Since taking action to move, I'm in a very different space.
For now, All good wishes."


"I was introduced to Gabrielle Endstrom, through a close friend of mine, earlier this year, who could not give her enough praises. After liasing a time for my first consultation, I had no perception of how this Bio Feedback device worked or what was to evolve over the coming months.
My situation was, that my physical health was deteriorating rapidly after 12 or so months of the emotional turmoil of separation. Mentally ok, I knew there was plenty of work to tackle physically and emotionally, and this is where with the help of Gabrielle and that magic machine, we found the issues, and immediately took action to getting ME back.
To my surprise, the consults were relaxed and easy. Personally speaking, being a person who has consciously and continuously worked with the self this modality working with the Bio Feedback device was a walk in the park, with fantastic results.
Recently, we approached on another level with Hypno therapy. Again the results were instantaneous and has turned my world around completely... Life changing in so many positive and loving ways. I will continue my journey of personal growth, with Gabrielle whether it be consults or group meditation. I cherish her friendship and totally grateful for her assistance in helping me be who I am today…Loved & Free!
My Blessings."

Lidia Bienkie

"Hello Gabriele!
I had such a wonderful experience for my first visit and I want to thankyou for making me feel welcome.
I really was impressed with the program you used with your laptop as I found it quite accurate with details. I was also happy with your use of the cards and the bowls and how you clearly explained the steps and outcomes of my appointment.
I cannot think of anything for you to improve on as I feel you were able to meet my needs and made the experience quite enjoyable.
I hope you have a great week & looking forward to my next appointment!"


"Hello Gabriele
Yes I enjoyed the treatment, the funny looking flashing light that I put on my chest left me with some sort of irritation. A bit like mild sunburn. I think your machine and you are great and some of the things you said make a lot of sense. I personally think that the spiritual side of the machine is incredibly smart. The timeline with the betrayal issue for me is great. I can put things together a little better. I would like to come back and go a bit deeper into the
spiritual / emotional side. As far as the medicinal side goes its good too but that was not my main reason for being there. But everything you said is good information and we duly went to town and stocked up on pills and things.
That’s about all for a short feedback. I’ll be in touch in a few weeks. Regards."


"To whom it may concern,
I received treatment from Gabriele using the SCIO. This treatment helped me release past emotional conflicts, which allowed me to relax more and move forward with my life. I was so impressed with the results I purchased a Scio."

Bruce Currington

The individual pays $150 for the first session and $130 for consequent session

I am also a reseller of the SCIO Biofeedback device.

Space Clearing

By Gabriele Engstrom

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