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Gabrielle Newman - Nutrition

Gabrielle Newman

Bicton WA 6157

Start your journey to wellness with Gabrielle Newman (BHSc - Nutritional Medicine).

Gabrielle Newman - Nutrition

About Us

Gabrielle is our holistic, clinically trained Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

At Gabrielle Newman Nutrition our clients are taught to integrate quality food, cooking skills, responsible eating and stress reduction into every day life. We aim to empower you in your journey to whole health. Gabrielle works collaboratively with you; every treatment plan or piece of advice will be in your best interest, and tailored to suit you and your abilities.

She loves working with women and children, helping them to achieve their ultimate health and happiness. Having overcome her own issues, from weight fluctuations to hormonal imbalances and depression, Gabrielle has a unique and empathetic understanding of many health complaints.

Here at Gabrielle Newman Nutrition we have a passion for nutrition and lifestyle factors affecting preconception, pregnancy and infant health. We also see clients for mental health concerns, weight loss, stress, fatigue, gut issues, food allergies and hormonal issues.

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Our Services

One-on-one Initial Consultations
approx. 1hour

In one-on-one consults we chat everything about your health! Your current situation, what you want to work on, your health history and family history. This builds a complete picture for us to better your treatment protocol which puts your health priorities first. Initial and follow-up consultations are recommended to improve your health with tailored advice.

Follow-up Consultations
approx. 45 minutes

We continue all the same lines as your initial consult, talking over anything we may have missed or anything that's developed since. We review progress and develop your next treatment protocol to keep you on track to your health goals.

approx. 1hour

We offer a range of workshops and food preparation demonstrations for children and adults on health, diet and lifestyle.


  • Healthy Eating for Kids

  • Lunchbox Ideas Anyone Can Make

  • Snack Sessions


  • Easy Dinners

  • Relieve your Stress

  • Increase your Energy

  • Gut Health

Alternatively, we can tailor our workshops to suit your needs. Got an idea? Chat to us and let's collaborate!

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Gabrielle Newman - Nutrition