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Gaia Yoga

Astrid Pickup

16 Vantage Pl
Thornleigh NSW 2120

Thinking about trying yoga but not quite sure where to start? Come try out a home studio class on Tuesday morning or Thursday evening and see if you like it. These classes are pay as you attend and cost $20.

Gaia Yoga - Yoga

General Classes

These classes are suitable for everybody from beginner to advanced. Classes span for an hour and 15 minutes and start off with centering breath/exercise awareness, warm up stretches, asanas (posture work), and is finished off with breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation/relaxation. My classes vary in content from week to week and focus on different body parts and utilise new concepts to keep the classes exciting and fresh. Postures will commence with basic moves and will slowly ease into more intermediate/advanced depending on the student’s ability. At times props such as blocks, straps and blankets, all equipment is provided.

Pre-Natal Yoga

At the point when there is enough demand I am able to provide a specialised pre-natal class on Thursdays in my home studio. These classes are specifically designed to be safe for women who are 12 weeks pregnant all the way through to labour. I go over breathing techniques that can be useful during labour and can be used throughout pregnancy. Yoga postures are modified to suit the changing nature of the mother’s body and incorporate positions that are effective to be used in labour.

Yoga for Teenagers

I instruct not only the physical postures but also like to touch on the emotional and mental aspects of a teenagers life and give them the necessary tools to allow them to relax and stress relief. I am available to teach in local High Schools.

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