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Ganesha Yoga Shala Ganesha Yoga Shala is devoted to assisting in the global consciousness shift from the old paradigm of greed and materialism to the new paradigm of conscious awakening, communication, unconditional love and compassion. And fun. New students receive 10 consecutive days of yoga for just $25.

Ganesha Yoga

Servicing area

Armadale, Victoria

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Prenatal yoga Love Relaxation Posture Shirodhara

Ganesha Yoga studio offers a range of classes including:
Pre-natal Yoga Course (6 weeks)

Next course begins Thursday March 31st, 6pm-7:15pm. Cost $100
Following course begins May 12th.
Yoga during pregnancy is a great thing to do. It’s a beautiful way to connect with your child, enhance your health & stamina, learn breathing techniques & positive thought patterns to aid the birthing process. Practising yoga during pregnancy also aids in a quicker recovery process for the body. Bookings essential!

ASTANGA-STYLE VINYASA course (6 weeks)
Begins Monday April 4th 6:15am-7:30am Cost: $100
Next course begins: May 16th

Sally Meredith is fresh back from India, a beautiful loving teacher whose enthusiasm for astanga flows to her students. Students are guided through the primary series of astanga with variations given so that it's accessible to most. This is a stronger practice, guaranteed to make you sweat, and a great way to start the day!

MUMS N BUBS - Wednesdays 11am-12pm (casual)
The focus is on mums, and assisting in rebuilding the body after the birthing process. Bubs are included in the class whenever it's appropriate. Most yoga postures can be varied so that mum can hold onto bub and get a workout at the same time. Baby massage and mobility exercises are included. Take time out to nurture yourself. We practice living in the moment so there's no expectations about your baby's behaviour.

BEGINNERS YOGA Course (6 weeks)

Begins Tuesday March 29th, 7:30-8:45pm. Cost: $100
Following course begins May 10th.
Students will learn the basic postures (asana) with variations given so that they’re accessible to everyone. The importance of correct alignment will be a focus, along with breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, yogic philosophy, and relaxation. Yoga has many health benefits and all can gain something from this practice. This course is suitable for absolute beginners to those returning to yoga after a break. Bookings essential!

FLYING YOGA Course (6 weeks)
Begins Wed April 6th, 7:30-9pm. Cost: $100. Next course begins May 18th.
Flying Yoga is so much fun, you won't even realise you're doing yoga! Working with others in acrobalances within the yoga style needs to be experienced.
Classes begin with a vinyasa warm-up, moving into partner yoga, and then we work together on acrobalances in groups. This is a really fun, challenging class which allows students to deepen trust, build communication and deepen usual yoga postures in more unusual ways using gravity and the support of others.

KIDS YOGA (by demand)
Next kids course for 7-12 y.o.s begins Monday March 21st, 4-5pm.

For kids aged 4-7 or 7-12. Kids are taken on a yoga journey, exploring postures through using imagination, so we often walk through imaginary jungles or the beach and find animals to turn into. Games are played without competition and positive messages are given in stories. Kids gain flexibility, increase co-ordination and concentration, and develop a positive attitude towards something that is good for them. Occasionally we incorporate partner work and some acrobalancing, which kids love.

GENERAL YOGA (see timetable)
Our general yoga is vinyasa-based. It is geared towards challenging practitioners at all levels. Different variations of postures are given so that everyone can access the pose and others can be challenged. Bodies are toned and strengthened with particular emphasis on the core (lower back and abdominal muscles). We work with pranayama (breathing exercises), bandha (muscular locks), and yogic philosophy.

A more challenging class. For those who want a dynamic workout. This is the class. Vinyasa means movement with breath. A nice, flowing yoga workout. Intermediate yoga practice recommended.

For those with less flexibility or those who just want a gentle stretch. Most people should be able to access this class and gain the positive effects of yoga.

Other Services include:
- Massage Therapists (Shiatsu, reflexology)
- Ayurvedic treatments (massage, dietary consultations, shirodhara, etc)
- Pranic Energy Therapy
- Chiropractor

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