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Gary's Reiki

I started training and healing myself. I've overcome negativity addiction to drugs. I was judgmental and was in Chronic pain from injuries from my youth. Overthinking, depression, mental disorders I've overcome abusiveness and anxiety. Stress, bad behaviour, negative behaviour I've overcome it all. If you used to live in the past, I was holding my self back from childhood traumas. All things I blamed everyone as I was a victim. Now, I help everyone. Everything I nearly lost it all, interrupt my true self and almost destroyed my marriage. But through Reiki, I've overcome it all. I have bought balance, peace, and harmony in my life. My eyes have been open to a new wonderful world of love. I am married with 9 children and running a business, full of energy, full of life and full of love. I've lost over 20 kg and I am pain-free. I'm very high vibrational and positive. Everything in my life is going very well smoothly and positively and there is nothing that will stop me now because of the healing that I have done for myself.  I offer my services and skills to all of you to help you better, yourself and those around you and help you overcome things. I can help you experience it all and overcome it. I've been through all this and overcome it all. I can help you with this and much more to come and have healing with me knowing that this works. I can help!  Namaste!

Hello to all come and grab a booking to help heal depression, lose of energy, overthinking, bring calmness. Come on down for relaxing healing. I will help you with physical, mental, and emotional pain. Namaste! Hello to all come and try a peaceful loving tranquil healing. Helping you with all of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual with all of these balanced you will start to live your life to the fullest. Hello to all I'm here to offer cleansing and transmuting energies and spirit on objects. Properties, land, people and pets. Cleansing everything of all negativity and stagnating energy bring peace and harmony to your place or object. Have you ever wondered why people are arguing or overwhelming sadness and stress for no reason in your place or near object energy will accumulate and start to effect? You give me a call, I will help to fix it and remove it.

Hello to all! I am a natural path healer at Gary's. We offer reiki, crystal, colour, shamanic healing. We offer healing to your body, mind, and emotions. Your energies, past life, childhood traumas, pain, mental disorders, counselling, and spiritual teaching.  We offer in-person in my relaxing ground. Retreat healing and distance healing tarrot reading.

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