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A word that you may have heard in many conversations, with individuals who you may feel to perhaps belong another planet entirely (or more consciously awake individuals as how I like to call them). So with this I am guessing you’re reading this hoping to get a bit of an idea what Reiki is… however before I can do that, I first have to remove some of the stigmas about Reiki.


    • Reiki is NOT witchcraft
    • Reiki is NOT made up
    • Reiki is NOT only available to a select few
    • Reiki is NOT a magic cure

Now to what Reiki is….

Reiki is a hands on (and off when suggested) ancient healing modality, that is practised across three different levels.. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Research into the healing practice of Reiki has shown that it is able to significantly reduce the intensity of anxiety, pain and breathing rates amongst patients who had undergone caesarean delivery. Furthermore, reiki has been proven to reduce anxiety levels and the perception of muscle tension amongst cardiovascular patient. This research has highlighted that Reiki is highly effective in a clinical setting and this also translates to a everyday setting, pointing to the fact that Reiki operates on holistic level and thus has amazing physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional benefits.

To Summarise Reiki has the power to:

    • Accelerate recovery and healing
    • Improve levels of relaxation and thus bring down stress levels
    • Balance the flow of energy in the body by releasing blockages
    • Alleviates emotional distress by clearing emotions
    • Helping the body to alleviate toxins
    • Allow the individual to become more in tune with their higher being
    • Promote inner harmony and peace (a powerful tool for those on a spiritual quest)

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!For more information about Reiki and other Reiki practises such as Distance Reiki, click here.

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