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Genesis Holistic Wellbeing

Giuseppe LiRosi

Coburg VIC 3058

Genesis Holistic Wellbeing


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

All our behavioural responses (and stresses) to life events are generated by the neuro pathway/patterns in our brain from how we have perceived certain events, giving us a paticular reaction which is not always beneficial (or what we want).

NLP deals with changing these patterns through finding how the brain has stored certain information, the language (liguistics) it uses to express it and then changing the unwanted response (reactive) patterns which have been created....replacing them with new programming that support and serve us living a more fulfilling life.

Time Line Hypnotherapy

In this system of Hypnosis we use the past, present and future timelines of our consciousness, utilising the three main aspects of the mind known as conscious, unconscious and higher conscious to diffuse negative emotions, stressful memories, heal unresolved traumas and erradicate negative belief systems that do not serve our happiness and wellbeing.

FEES....70.00 per hour session (and 30.00 per every half hour after that)
Cash or bank transfers only (no credit card facility available)

Qualification Details

  • NLP and Timeline Hypnotherapy

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