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We will work with you to tailor an approach that is specific to your needs. We aim to provide the highest level of musculoskeletal care and guidance

Georgie Gibson Myotherapy - Soft Tissue Therapist



Myotherapists assess and physically treat musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction affecting movement and mobility.

Myotherapy is an evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

Preventative, corrective and rehabilitative phases of therapy are applied to restore and maintain the normal integrity of soft tissue structures.

Myotherapists employ a range of techniques including:

  • Assessment and management of movement restrictions and musculoskeletal pain 
  • Soft tissue manipulation 
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Myofascial Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Cupping
  • Stretching
  • Myofascial release 
  • Corrective exercise 
  • Manual Lymphatic drainage 

Georgie is passionate about helping her clients feel they are in control and have a choice in every step of their healthcare.

She is a strong believer in the healing power of nature and the body’s innate ability to heal itself when given the right tools and support.  

She places a large focus on the power of preventative medicine and believes the best time to start taking care of your health and wellbeing is Now.  


What to expect from a Myotherapy consultation:


Clinical assessment is reliant on history taking, the examination of particular joints or regions, assisted by highly developed tactile, palpatory skills.

A thorough understanding of joint and muscular assessment procedures is required. These skills distinguish Myotherapy from other physical therapies. Assessment of potential causes of dysfunction is also important, as is a detailed postural examination.

Treatment is then tailored for the client and aimed at addressing the primary cause, concern and presentation of the complaint.


Common conditions that Myotherapists can treat include:

    • Sporting & occupational injuries
    • Stiffness & pain associated with poor posture
    • Associated joint & vertebral dysfunction & pain
    • Acute & chronic conditions affecting function and mobility
    • Scoliosis 
    • Acute and chronic stiff and painful neck
    • Headaches / migraines
    • Acute & chronic back pain / 'sciatica'
    • Chronic overuse syndromes - tendonopathy, tennis/golfers elbow, carpel tunnel, plantar fasciosis
    • Shoulder pain, impingement syndrome, adhesive capsulitis
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Nerve impingment/tingling
    • Acute & chronic conditions affecting function & mobility
    • Knee, leg & foot pain
    • Shin splints, meniscal injuries, ankle sprains/strains
    • Arthritis / Multiple Sclerosis
    • Pregnancy - pre / post natal complaints
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia
    • Pain & dysfunction associated with stress & tension
    • Rehabilitative stage of an injury or illness
    • Swelling and Pain


Georgie's clinical interests include working together to achieve client outcomes, assisting with pain management, and a caring approach to health and wellbeing.

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