Genevieve Mlotkowski

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With years of experience and dedication, I can advise you on the best approach and the most appropriate testing for you. 

Genevieve Mlotkowski - Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

I factor in your health and your goals and using this I create a program to maximise your energy and ensure that your body is ageing both well and healthily. My testing may incorporate:

    • Gene Profile
    • Hair Analysis
    • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
    • Microscope Health Screenings
    • Saliva Testing
    • Organic Acids Test

In-House Testing

The core technology behind my in-house assessment is a blood test, which can measure the body’s cellular response to challenges from a variety of substances including various foods. These comprehensive may include:

    • Urinary Indican Test
    • PH- Acid/Alkaline Balance Test
    • Mineral Status Test
    • IgG Food Allergy Blood Spot Test

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Genevieve Mlotkowski