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Genevieve Mlotkowski

Genevieve Mlotkowski

37 Tree Top Cct
Quakers Hill NSW 2763


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Genevieve Mlotkowski

Genevieve Mlotkowski

About Genevieve

Genevieve has had 18 years of experience as a qualified Naturopath. Genevieve is an Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and National Herbalists Association of Australia. Situated in North Western Sydney I can offer you 1-on-1, person to person consultations. I am also able to offer my services via Skype. I am well versed in screening tools such as Microscope Health Screenings that help to identify how varying signs and symptoms may relate to your unique health status. I will work closely alongside you to create a lifestyle and dietary plan to enhance your health and wellbeing.

With 18 years of experience in the Natural Therapy industry, Genevieve specialises in Fertility, Autism, the GAPS diet and Cancer support.

Genevieve uses a microscope to check certain health parameters and deficiencies in clinic.

Genevieve is trained in reading your blood tests to look for genetic weaknesses including MTHFR, Kryptopyrroles and Autoimmune disorders.

Testing available for:

  • Kryptopyrroles plus identifying exact doses based on calculations
  • Urinary Iodine
  • Bioscreen Stool Analysis
  • SIBO testing
  • Salivary Hormone Profile
  • Functional Liver Detoxification
  • New Heavy Metal Testing available end of Jan 2016
  • Food Intolerance Testing (500 foods and substances tested including metals and household products)


  • 23andme reports analysed
  • Blood tests read and analysed to look for genetic markers

About the Clinic

Consult Prices

Initial Consult: $130
Follow up: $70
Children's Consult (UNDER 18 YEARS): $100
Children's Follow up: $70
Skype or Phone Consults Initial: $130
Follow up Skype or Phone Consult: $70
Extended Consult (If you have a complicated case or if you haven't seen Genevieve for an extended period) $110

Call Genevieve to discuss how diagnostic testing can help you get to the bottom your health concerns, or to book in your first appointment today at

  • Adv. Diploma of Naturopathy

  • Medical Herbalist/Biomed Naturopath/ Nutritionist

  • Nutrigenomic Practitioner

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