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Dr Oriental Medicine/Personal Empowerment Ambassador/Spiritual Warrior/Foodie/Gardener/Arty-Crafty/ Yogi

Ginkgo House Wellness & Acupuncture

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About Me

I graduated Endeavour College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science Majoring in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My interests have led me to post-graduate study in Oriental Medicine (Japanese & Meridian Acupuncture) and Esoteric Acupuncture.

My drive is to help reveal and empower your infinitely mighty self within so you can reclaim vitality, joy & health in your everyday life.



Very fine, sterilised acupuncture needles are inserted gently at specific points on the body, to help correct circulation of blood, balance hormones, harmonise metabolism and respiration and allow the body to access its healing potential. This requires an understanding of the acupuncture points, their effects upon the body and the movement of Qi throughout the meridians of the body. Much more than 'dry-needling', acupunctures effects are wholistic, giving emotional, mental and physical healing of a wide range of symptoms. In fact its strength lies in its ability to induce a healing effect regardless of the specific 'disease' you are experiencing.

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Acupuncture

An all natural, toxin and surgery free way to take years off your face and look more youthful using only fine needles, topical herbs and serums. The rejevenating actions of cosmetic acupuncture stimulates the epidermis, dermis and the muscles below to tighten skin, jowls and muscles, to reduce lines and wrinkles, to even the complexion, reduce puffiness and clear dark circles. A series of 10 treatments over 5 weeks forms a course of treatment. Areas that can be treated are face, neck or abdomen (weight loss and fertility). Once a course of treatment is completed one can choose to come monthly for maintenance of rejuvenation and wellness or to repeat the whole rejuvenation protocol in 6 or 12 months depending on the desired outcome. The earlier a course of cosmetic acupuncture is started the easier it is to wipe away the signs of ageing.


Most commonly, the leaves from the plant Artemesia Vulgaris, are gathered and prepared to form moxa punk. This herb, once prepared, appears fluffy and can be a green/yellow/brownish colour. It is rolled into sticks, cones, grains or threads and ignited and applied to acupuncture points or areas of congestion or injury. It stimulates the bodys immune system to assist or initiate the desired healing response. The patient will feel warm and relaxed throughout the treatment and will experience a therapeutic effect even after they have left the clinic. If required take home packs will be available with instruction for personal use.

Herbal Medicine and Diet Therapy

The first port of call when assessing health concerns should always be to look to our diets. Our body can only do some much if we are not giving it the right requirements or are eating in an incorrect manner or worse, consuming substances that are causing our symptoms. As our symptoms change so to should what we consume. This is more detailed than just avoiding junk foods or taking daily vitamins. We have the ability to use our food every day to effect how we feel. Assessing how you as an individual can get the best from your food and take control of your health is all part of the service. The addition of herbal formula's add to the over all resolution of imbalance and are in easy to take capsule form.

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