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Gippsland Counselling Services
If worry and anxiety is interfering in your everyday life, then it is time to do something about it. Otherwise it can rob you of the joy and freedom that you could otherwise be experiencing.

Gippsland Counselling Services - Counselling

Christine has vast qualifications and life experiences which puts her in the position to be able to offer down to earth, honest and helpful solutions to most people’s problems.  Some of the other careers that Christine has worked in include being a Police-woman, Primary School Teacher, working in hospitality, retail and has spent some time as a Self-Improvement Consultant.

Christine does not just talk to the talk with her Counselling skills but she also walks the walk. After experiencing some traumatic life events of her own, Christine understand what it is like to be bullied, to experience domestic violence, go through IVF, have sick children with no support from family and being a single parent. As a result of all of this experiences, she understands how much of a struggle life can be at times. Christine has researched and explored methods of working through these experiences and brings her own knowledge and skills into her counselling services to help others through their own struggles and journey.

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