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What is Mindfulness and why are people talking so much about the benefits of it?

Gippsland Counselling Services - Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in our modern world. It is not uncommon that we get caught up in reminiscing about the past and worrying about the future, that we forget to live in the now. Mindfulness assists us to do just that – live in the now. In this way we are able to take in what is actually truly going on. We notice, we observe and even put words to what is happening.

Mindfulness is a tool that allows us to stop being reactive and begin being more mindful. This will thus allow us to feel more centred, calmer and less reactive. How many times have we found ourselves in a situation that we did not like and rather than simply being mindful about what is going on, we begin to let that person, evet not situation dictate how we feel. Often this is will bring about problems and before we know it, the situation is being blown way out of proportion to the event. We need to learn how to effectively respond to things wisely as opposed to letting our emotions get out of control.

Being mindful does not mean we become non-thinkers and non-reactive. Being mindful allows us to become more aware of our feelings, thoughts and reactions and in doing so, helps us to choose more wisely how we feel, think and react to any given situation, event or person.

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