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Elizabeth Phillips

Gisborne Naturopathy

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Elizabeth offers personalized care to ensure the best possible treatment that provides results. She educates and inspires healthy lifestyle changes, empowering you to engage in your own healing.

Gisborne Naturopathy - Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Servicing area

Gisborne & Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Focus areas

Fitness Bloating F5 Food sensitivities Leaky gut syndrome Lifestyle

At Gisborne Naturopathy Elizabeth integrates Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplementation, Iridology, Food as Medicine, Massage, Reflexology, Counseling, Flower Essence Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness work into her consultations.

During a Naturopathic consult Elizabeth takes a detailed case history and approaches healing in a holistic manner. She will spend time going over current and past health conditions including a thorough Iris analysis (Iridiology) and review of current medication and supplements.

At Gisborne Naturopathy you will be supported with Herbal Medicine and Nutritional supplementation to reach your health goals. In the process you will learn about yourself and how to make life-changing decisions to be the healthiest you.

Elizabeth’s inspiration to become a Naturopath and driving force to inspire others comes from her own experience with Chronic fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from which she has been fully recovered for 10 years. Since overcoming CFS Elizabeth has completed numerous half marathons and sporting events, filling up her spare time competing in Triathlons, Fun Runs and Mountain biking. She is passionate about life, healing, health and wellness and you cant help but be inspired after time with her.

Herbal Medicine is an integral part of Gisborne Naturopathy and an area in which Elizabeth is truly passionate.
Herbs are natures gift in healing and Elizabeth is highly skilled in traditional Herbal Medicine and will create a formulation specific to your every sign, symptom and constitutional need.

Herbs may be used for Pain management: Cold and flu prevention or treatment; Digestive healing and relief from symptoms such as bloating, reflux, leaky gut syndrome, constipation; Mental health conditions such as, anxiety and depression; and Hormonal and blood sugar regulation in Diabetes prevention- just to name a few.

Liquid formulations may be prescribed to treat acute or chronic conditions. Tablet formulations are also available along with Herbal teas.

Call Elizabeth on 5428 4484, or 'Make an Enquiry' below, to find out more about her treatments, or to book your first consultation.

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