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Glenda Ingwersen

Glenda Ingwersen Naturopath

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Helping you achieve optimum health of your mind and body through gentle change.

Glenda Ingwersen Naturopath

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Northern Suburbs

Focus areas

Lifestyle Growth Infections Anxiety Stress management Digestive disorders

Private practice naturopath operating in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

About Glenda

I have been practising as a naturopath since 1999, and have studied a number of techniques in order to be able to provide the best solutions to my clients based on their personal needs.

I may be able to assist you with - acne, allergy,anxiety, bloating, depression, fatigue, digestive disorders, infertility, insomnia, menopause, respiratory infections, sore throats and many other ailments which are preventing you from functioning at your optimal level.

Health Fund rebates available.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma of Natural Medicine

  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine

  • Graduate Diploma of Clinical Acupuncture
I have further enhanced my skills by continuing education in alternative therapies including:

  • Dorn Therapy – spinal alignment by passive movement of the skeletal structure;

  • Biomesotherapy – injections to painful points for treatment of chronic pain conditions;

  • Reconnective Healing – hands off healing technique to allow the body to heal;

  • Bowen Therapy – Gentle stimulation and relaxation of muscular tissue;

  • Australian Bush Flower Essence or Bach Flowers – assist with emotional change;

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – communication process to assist with self-awareness, growth, and change.

Iridology, tongue and pulse assessments may be used as necessary and also in follow up treatments. This assists me in identifying where imbalances are occurring and to establish what changes need to be made to help return the mind/body to optimal health.

Nutritional and Herbal Remedies may be prescribed along with advice on any necessary lifestyle changes required to maintain a more healthy state.

Pain treatment - bodywork will be carried out applying one or several bodywork techniques during the consultation.

Meditation - I have been teaching and practising meditation for over 20 years and can offer guidance in body awareness, relaxation and observation of breathing.

Meditation has the ability to assist with anxiety, stress and sleep problems. These techniques all assist and teach you how to have a clearer connection with your body and a peaceful mind.

The Initial Consultation is 90 minutes, during which a complete history is taken and all body systems are evaluated, in order to offer the most personalised and effective course of treatment.

Please call 08 9203 5824 to make a booking.

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