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Remedial Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hot Stone Lomi Lomi, Pregnancy, Relaxation & Sports Massage.

Glispa Massage & Beauty, Ermington

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Ermington, New South Wales

Focus areas

Love Hydrotherapy Private health Relaxation Circulation Full body massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy (the use of heat applications) with the strokes of massage using stones to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment. The heat of the massage stones warms the skin, which allows for the absorption of moisturizing and therapeutic oils, while simultaneously preparing musculature of the body so the massage therapist can work into the deeper muscle layers.

Hot Stone Lomi Lomi Massage

It is a combination of a hot stone massage using the free flowing Hawaiian technique, with medium pressured strokes utilsing both hands and the heated stones. It is medium to fast pace and is relaxing but invigorating at the same time. Lomi Lomi is traditionally done without underpants on, therefore this treatment is available to females only, alternatively males must leave underpants on.

A completely holistic approach to your massage needs, combining different manipulation techniques and spiritual philosophies. Great for times of emotional stress, as this massage will go beyond the physical, bringing the body, mind, and soul back into balance.

Pregnancy Massage

Regular massage treatments during a healthy pregnancy has many benefits, such as promoting relaxation, relieving strained back and leg muscles, boosts your energy, improved sleep, increased circulation, and most importantly instilling a feeling of well-being to both mother and unborn child.

Relaxation / Swedish Massage

Give your body a chance to release the tension and stress it loves to hold onto. This heavenly, gentle massage uses long flowing strokes, relaxing and soothing the body and mind.

Remedial Massage

Let's work the body, massaging tired and tense muscles, utilising firmer but rhythmic strokes, giving those accumulated toxins a chance to release - enhancing circulation and blood flow and improving muscle tone.

An area of chronic tension can impair performance and even lead to injury. Assisted stretching, kneading, and other massage techniques can loosen areas of chronic pain and tension which improves circulation and speeds up the removal of waste products and bring in oxygen and nutrients to your muscles helping them to rejuvenate and repair

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