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GL Natural Healthcare

George Lenon

405 Pascoe Vale Rd
Strathmore VIC 3041

Servicing area: Strathmore, Docklands, Essendon, Melbourne, Pascoe Vale, Oak

GL Natural Healthcare
GL Natural Healthcare Clinic has been offering service of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to individuals in the Northern suburbs for a number of years.

About GL Natural Healthcare

Welcome to GL Natural Healthcare

It has been successfully run by Dr George Lenon who has utilised his research and academic experience into his practice. His reputation spreads over Melbourne, with clients regularly travelling from as far as Ballarat, Bendigo and Rosebud.

Dr. George Lenon

Speciality: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
BHlthSc (Hons-ChinMed), RCMP, PhD


Dr George Binh Lenon is registered in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and is also a member of both the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists. He is accredited both in Australia and overseas. His Traditional Chinese Medicine journey began when he graduated from Victoria University. He then earned a PhD at RMIT via his internationally-renowned research into allergies and weight loss.

Dr. Lenon lectures and conducts research at RMIT full-time and treats patients after hours at his Westmeadows clinic and at Docklands on the weekends (by appointment only).

Dr. Lenon draws on a range of therapies ranging from Tuina Massage to Acupuncture.

He works at both Docklands and Strathmore Monday- Saturday – call to book.

Dr. Shiqi (Rose) Luo

Speciality: Chinese Medicine
BHlthSc & BAppSc (ChinMed), RCMP


Dr SHIQI (Rose) LUO is a responsible, enthusiastic and professional registered Chinese medicine practitioner who aims to provide the best quality of care to every patient. Rose graduated from RMIT University and obtained a double degree in Health sciences and Chinese Medicine with Distinction. She is currently doing her Ph.D. degree at RMIT University. She is bringing her experience from her internship in one of the most famous Chinese medicine hospitals in Nanjing China and received ‘Jasmine scholarship’ that offered from Jiangsu Province as a result of her outstanding performance during the internship.

Rose has always been interested in Chinese medicine since young. She has a family background of Chinese medicine as her grandparents and uncle are all Chinese medicine Practitioners. She has also been working as a registered nurse for more than 6 years in the hospital and developed multiple skills. Patients find it’s easy to build rapport with her and she has a caring and empathetic nature. Rose has been combining theories with practice. All the experiences she has allow her to come up with appropriate treatment plans for patients and help them to achieve the best treatment outcomes.

To learn more about what she can do to benefit your health well-being, please contact us and visit our website to book for a consultation!

Dr. Conan Cole

Speciality: Chinese Medicine
Bachelors in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology, RCMP


Dr Conan Cole cites his early memories of flicking through his mothers nursing textbooks as the beginnings of his keen interest in biological sciences and the workings of the human body. This along with extensive world travel, interest in other cultures, empathy for others and many years working with his hands. Eventually combined to his undertaking the lifelong learning commitment of being a caregiver. Utilising the many tools that Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer.

His varied past work roles including construction concreter and foreman and current roles as a father, acupuncturist, and home renovator. Mean he is sensitive to the fact that time is an issue for most of us. So he will therefore strive to formulate a treatment plan suitable to your lifestyle.

Every case is important to Conan, the real joy he receives from witnessing improved quality of life TCM brings his patients is what keeps him honing his skills and improving his knowledge base to achieve the best possible outcomes from his treatments.

While his first hand experiences with his mother being a nurse in aged care. As well as enduring the feelings of helplessness of watching grandparents suffer dementia. Means he feels a particular commitment to treating the diseases of aging.

Dr. Ching Yee (Joey) Chung

Speciality: Chinese Medicine
BHlthSc & BAppSc (ChinMed), RCMP


Dr. Chung is registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Being a daughter of a TCM practitioner, her enthusiasm with TCM developed very early, as she was helping in her father’s clinic during her summer holidays. By witnessing how her dad helps with different types of patients with various conditions, she was determined to follow her dad’s footpath for helping patients with her extensive knowledge in TCM.

She is currently doing her PhD at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology which is related to her beloved therapy, Acupuncture treatment. She also has a special interested in women’s health, pain and stress management, and also cosmetic acupuncture. She is also frequently visit to local temple for giving treatment to the unfortunate member who cannot afford to get treatment when they are sick.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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