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The Natural Apothecary and Gnostic Wellness Centre

The Gnostic Healing Centre & Natural Apothecary
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The Natural Apothecary and Gnostic Wellness Centre
Herbal formulas are individually prescribed only after careful diagnosis by an herbalist.

Megan Clarke - Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the pillars of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and has been utilised as a primary system of medicine for millennia and in Chinese hospitals it is still utilised today, in connection with modern medicines.

Chinese herbs are prescribed in formulas, where a range of herbs are arranged and combined in a specific hierarchy. Within the herbal formula one or two of the primary herbs are chosen to provide the main effect that has been set. A mix of other herbs may be added in smaller doses to balance out these actions and flavours of the primary herbs and to make the formula more efficacious and absorbable.

The strength of Chinese herbal medicine lies in the individualisation and customisation of the treatment. Although different clients may be experiencing similar symptoms, the root causes may vary greatly. In the holistic approach taken by TCM the treatment of the symptoms is as important as focusing on the imbalances and the disharmony that has hampered the body’s innate defence systems and allowed the illness to come about in the first instance.

How are Herbs taken?

It was traditional for the raw and dry herbs to be prepared by cooking them in water, however, for convenience nowadays, herbs are provides in granulated form and dissolved in a glass of warm water.

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