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Servicing area: Gold Coast, Queensland

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Clinical Nutrition and Medical Herbalism, alongside naturopathic and functional testing, are the corner stones of Elizabeth Orme's practice. Call us for more info

Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

Chronic digestive and bowel problems, fatigue and energy issues, poor immunity and chronic viral problems, hormonal concerns (including PMS, thyroid support, adrenal deficiencies and weight loss), mood and cognition presentations, allergies and intolerances, detoxification problems including chemical sensitivity, MTHFR, a range of nutritional and dietary concerns ....

Elizabeth Orme is a Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She works in a way that is very similar to a naturopath. She's been in full time practice since 1994.

Elizabeth is very experienced in working with complex cases that have a chronic history. Her client list includes local, interstate and overseas clients. She is a member of six Professional Organisations. These are listed at the bottom of this page.

Consultations and Services offered:

    • A 60 minute Initial Consultation. This is the one used most frequently for chronic or complex problems. The list of issues that may be addressed are in green at the top of this page. This consultation is suitable for adults and teens. It begins with two questionnaires and a Four-Day Food Diary. These are extensive and collect a lot of information.
    • Children's Consultation lasting 40 or 60 minutes - for children up to 12 years of age.
    • A Short Consultation of 30 minutes available for quick non-chronic cases.
    • A No-Fee 15 minute appointment to help a potential client decide if Elizabeth is the right practitioner and is offering what the client is seeking. This is essentially a 15 minute chat which helps people find direction. Elizabeth has offered this facility for a number of years and it is the most commonly used route for clients to begin working with her.
    • Consultations are offered in-clinic, by Skype or telephone. All Initial Consultations are in-clinic or by Skype using video.

More Information about Elizabeth's practice:

    • One of the corner stones of Elizabeth's practice is Testing. She uses this in many of her consultations. Tests may include blood tests from your GP, other blood tests and a range of functional tests performed by specialist laboratories. Testing can be expensive and Elizabeth is mindful of this, trying to keep costs down as much as possible by requesting certain tests from your GP (if relevant). An enormous amount of information can be gleaned from regular blood tests; however, sometimes more far-reaching and unusual functional tests are required and this is when specialist labs are used.
    • Please refer to two other pages for Gold Coast Holistic Health - Naturopathic and Functional Testing and Allergy Testing.

To book an appointment with Elizabeth, or for more information, call her reception between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm Tuesday to Friday


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