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Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

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Our staff are certified Clinical Thermography Technicians and are passionate advocates of thermography, specifically for people who want earlier detection and prevention information, less invasiveness and no exposure to harmful radiation.

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About Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a holistic procedure that photographs the body and helps determine the underlying cause of many diseases and conditions. It provides a valuable snapshot into the body, involving no touch, compression or radiation making it an invaluable tool for monitoring both Men and Womens health.

DITI is a non-invasive diagnostic scan that enables the practitioner to observe, locate and measure changes in skin surface temperature. DITI detects the heat or infrared radiation that is spontaneously emitted from the micro-circulation of the skin. These measurements are converted into live images, which, in essence, are a reflection of the autonomic nervous system. Other imaging modalities such as X-ray, MRI or CT scans, provide only an anatomical view of the body. These imaging modalities miss the body's physiological signals, which are often the key indicators of dysfunction and disease.

DITI is unique in its capability to show physiological (functional) abnormalities and can graphically display and record the patients ‘subjective’ feeling of pain and signs of disease. Because DITI analyses surface blood motion dynamics at a pre-capillary level it can demonstrate activity prior to symptomatic changes occurring or a structural mass forming. In contrast, a tumor must be of a size that is large enough and dense enough to block an x-ray beam (mammography) or sound wave (ultrasound) for it to produce an image. Neither mammogram, ultrasound, nor DITI can diagnose cancer. Only a biopsy can diagnose cancer. But, when DITI, mammograms, ultrasounds, and clinical exams are used together, the best possible evaluation of health can be made.

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DITI detects changes at a cellular level years ahead of other diagnostic proceedures. This enables opportunity for early intervention.

When cells are damaged, dysfunctional or deviate in any way from their original state, their temperature changes, becoming either hotter or colder. The body acts as a thermal reference because of the thermal symmetry of opposite sides. When compared to one another, the sides should be a mirror image within 1°C. The thermal emissions are a direct measurement of the blood flow through the micro-circulation of the skin. This thermoregulatory skin mechanism is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.

This is how thermal imaging, used as a diagnostic tool, can show physiological change or metabolic processes in the body. Areas in which this is shown include the Skeletal; Muscular; Neural (Nerves); Vascular (veins/arteries); and Cardio (heart).

Thermal Imaging demonstrates effective indicators in the body that can provide early detection of abnormalities and the potential onset of dysfunctional degenerative diseases involving the heart, bowel, liver, vascular or thyroid, auto immune diseases, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), back injuries, arthritis, headache, nerve damage, unexplained pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, inflammation, and dental and TMJ issues.

Your best defence against disease is early detection. Early detection can help to SAVE LIVES and prompt treatment could reduce the chances of disease development.

The primary goal of DITI is to establish an individual's normal thermal pattern, a stable baseline. It is this baseline that serves as the benchmark for all future images in monitoring 'change over time'. The baseline represents your unique thermal fingerprint, which is only altered by developing pathology.

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Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

Our staff are certified Clinical Thermography Technicians and are passionate advocates of thermography.

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