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Discover the true benefits that Meditation can bring to your health and wellbeing, by organising a Meditation session here at Stanhill Studio in Cranbourne South

Stanhill Studio - Meditation

When you have nowhere to go and the mental load is simply too much, there is a need to create a space inside your mind for peace, steadiness and calm, to clear the clutter!

Boadie has worked with children, the elderly, and people with terminal illness, so no matter who you are or what you're suffering from, let Meditation help ease your pain and improve your life.

What Is Visualisation Meditation?

Visualization meditation is the art of painting a picture with words, in order for you to escape and train your mind to STOP the useless chat and focus. Learning to meditate is the beginning of a whole journey. What appears to be the simplest of things can sometimes be the hardest to achieve and the most worthwhile.

Brief History Of Meditation

Most scholars and documents say that the history of meditation can be traced some 5,000 years ago when the effects of the practice were discovered by ancient men by staring into the flickering flames of fire.

From then on, several meditation techniques were developed and began to spread across its continent of origin Asia. Only in the 60s and 70s did meditation become a hit. From then on, many variations have spread across the globe.

Why Should You Try Meditation?

With meditation:

  • You CAN take a holiday without packing a bag!
  • Without spending a fortune!
  • Without leaving town!
  • The answer is not out there, it is within!


Call Boadie on 0412 220 231 to discuss the benefits Meditation can bring to your life


Why Have a Meditation Session With Boadie?

Meditation is the most useful tool in the numerous therapies on offer here at Stanhill Studio it will empower you. This type of therapy is considered to be one of the oldest forms of mental and spiritual, health and wellness practices in existence, so you can be sure to feel truly enlightened after your Meditation session.

To organise your next Meditation session or to discuss the benefits that Meditation can bring to your life, just give Boadie a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today

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