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Life is what happen’s to you while you are busy making other plans...

Goodluck Consultancies - Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is not solely about mental illness or psychopathology.

It focuses on getting the most you possibly can out of life and reaching new levels of wellbeing, enjoyment and balance.

Psychotherapy and Counselling is perfectly suited to the ‘worried well’ or those who are seeking to enhance and maintain their happy lives as well. It is also used for those individuals who are suffering mental health problems or mental illness.

Life Coaching and Positive Psychology have a great deal in common.

And as well as psychotherapy and counselling, Goodluck Consultancies offers Mentoring and Coaching to help individuals to improve their performance and skills at work, in their personal relationships and additional life goals and activities.

Coaching can take place either face-to-face, online by email, text, audio, over the phone and/or via video linkup.

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