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Sepi Soltani

St. Leonards NSW 2065

Servicing area: St. Leonards, North Sydney, Mosman, Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs NSW.

Good Vibes Experts Hypnotherapy

The path leading to your goals begins with your mindset. Move past your limiting beliefs to achieve your heart’s desires.

Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT)

Transform Into a Better You With Sepideh Soltani

Welcome to Good Vibes Experts Hypnotherapy in St. Leonards NSW, the gateway to a better you. Our founder Sepideh Soltani is a qualified hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist who has undergone training with the founder of RTT herself, Marisa Peer.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a world-renowned therapy that helps people resolve their long-standing issues in not more than three sessions. Sepideh is committed to helping people discover and create their purpose in life. Her compassionate nature and expertise in hypnotherapy never fail to release her clients from their limiting beliefs that hamper their progress.

Her goal has always been to guide people into their core selves so that they may realise their higher purpose in life and their true desires.

Before her career as a therapist, Sepideh dabbled in Architecture and Project Management for many years but never got a sense of fulfilment. She always knew that she was meant to do something with a deeper purpose.

Her life took a turn for the better when she discovered RTT, so she decided to train in this modality to help others experience its gifts the way that she had.

Sepideh draws on her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mind and human behaviour. She conducted research in a broad range of topics, ranging from Neuroplasticity and Mind Mastery to Epigenetics and Quantum Physics.

Her therapy services are wide and varied in nature. As well as providing one-on-one RTT and hypnotherapy sessions, Sepideh organises transformative retreats and seminars. And from all these, she wishes to help her clients obtain absolute freedom to do the dictates of their hearts.

What Do People Think of Sepideh?

“I had an amazing video session with lovely Sepideh. It was absolutely wonderful. She took effort, gave me love and peace and helped to overcome my fears and anxieties from the past and solve them. I recommend you to do something good for yourself and book your session with her.” - Aida Nasab

“I had an amazing hypnotherapy experience with Sepi from Good Vibes - I found that everything was communicated so easily to me and the quality of care and service was exceptional. Sepi made me feel at ease and comfortable when I did my first hypnotherapy with her. We focused on relationships and I found such a massive change and shift in my overall beliefs and outlook.” - Sahar Shirazi

“I had a very effective and transforming hypnotherapy session with Sepi. She's very good, professional, and really knows what she is doing. She has an angelic voice and is 100% invested in her clients. Due to a running injury I could barely walk and was literally bent over while trying to walk and walk up the stairs.

2 days after the sessions I could run 5mins without any pain, and 2 weeks into listening to her recording I ran today for 15mins. This is indeed transformative and I feel like I have got my life back. I would highly recommend Sepi. Hypnotherapy works everything, physical and emotional, so why suffer when there's such professional help available?” - Amee Dave

“This is the first time I had tried Rapid Transformation Therapy. It was an amazing, nurturing and healing process. Sepi was able to put my mind at ease and help me delve deep into past situations and pinpoint feelings and habits stemming from those situations that I was ready to deal with and change. I highly recommend Sepi to help you acknowledge and change things in life you are ready to change for the better.” - Maria Kotsiaris

“I had my RTT session with Sepideh a couple of weeks ago, and there are no words that tan express how much it has helped me overcome my anxiety. It has also helped me find clarity on what and how to achieve my goals in life. I highly recommend this therapy.” - Mariita Leon

Make an enquiry today and allow Sepideh to help you overcome your problems and achieve your goals in life.

Qualification Details

Member, International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)