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Dr Linda Wilson
Member since
Nov 2014

Gore Street Medical

Phone 03 6224 6769
Address 2 Gore St
South Hobart TAS 7004
With a focus on Women's Health, Weight Management, Fatigue, Mental Health and Balancing Hormones, Gore Street Medical's Dr Linda Wilson is here to help you achieve better health.

Gore Street Medical - Dr Linda Wilson

Recently returned to Tassie, where she originally qualified as a medical doctor, Dr Wilson has been honing her skills and developing her practice in Women's Health, Bioidentical (natural) Hormones, Mental Health and Nutrition for the last 25 years. Dr Wilson is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and uses these skills in the treatment and management of addictions, anxiety and weight loss.

Dr Wilson's personal research into weight loss, combined with results from the latest clinical studies acknowledge the fact that the old-fashioned model of "diet and excercise" is too simplistic. That there are a multitude of factors affecting the body's digestion, absorption and metabolism. Many are hormonal and can be diagnosed and brought back into a state of balance.

A consultation and weight-management program with Dr Wilson will involve looking at nourishment deeply, balancing hormones, adjusting your intake of nutrition and if deemed necessary, hypnotherapy to help you achieve the ideal outlook for effective exercise, so that you're able to grow your self-confidence and feel more comfortable in your skin.

If you're interested in Dr Wilson's approach to healthcare and want to hear more, contact Gore Street Medical, the Integrative Medical Centre in South Hobart by calling or clicking on the 'Make An Enquiry' button below.

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