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Struggling to manage allergies, digestion issues or ADHD? Dr Reinhard Hemm specialises in these conditions – call Gore Street Medical - the Integrative Medical Centre in South Hobart to book.

Gore Street Medical - Dr Reinhard Hemm

Dr Reinhard Hemm works with people who have high levels of inflammation as a result of allergies, inflamed gut as a result of food intolerances, repeated infections due to low immunity, possible parasitic infections and high oxidative stress.

I also work with children who have ADHD, fatigue and issues concentrating as well as other behavioural problems that may stem from a nutritional or environmental condition.

I’m also interested in the hormones that are related to weight loss and the circadian sleep/wake cycle.

I always prefer to consider a non-drug approach before resorting to the prescription pad – there are always options available to us for treatment and drugs are not necessarily the first response.

I encourage my patients to feel empowered, confident with the plan we work out together, positive about their future and that the condition they wanted to manager has been adequately addressed and taken seriously.

I also have an interest in and appreciate the signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency including: low vitamin D levels, zinc, iodine, magnesium, B12 (loss of appetite), essential fatty acid deficiency and sources of inflammation such as food intolerances, gut health and malabsorption.

 If you’re interested in hearing more about Dr Reinhard Hemm’s work or to book, call or visit Gore Street Medical’s website or click on the 'Make An Enquiry' button below. 


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