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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind that everyone experiences daily. For example, trying to talk to someone who is on their phone, it is extremely difficult to get their attention... this is a natural trance state. 

How do I know I can be Hypnotised?

For a human, the ability to enter into hypnosis is as normal and routine as speech. If you were unable to enter into hypnosis, you wouldn't be able to sleep! Hypnotherapy after on going research for a number of years, is leaving behind the stigma of magic and illusion, moving into the undeniable light of modern science - where it belongs. 

Hypnosis has been brought into a bad spotlight due to misleading staged hypnotists claiming to control the subjects mind. This is on the complete other end of the spectrum when it comes to the true definition of hypnosis. When you are hypnotised, you are essentially relaxed and focused, subjects often don't even realise they were hypnotised. 

The legal definition of hypnosis is...

  1.  Hypnosis is the bypass of the mind's critical faculty

  2. Accepting of selective thoughts, concepts & ideas that are okay by you

  3. Altering of a belief or reality through suggestion

Hypnotherapy with us

Hypnosis is not always the same, but at Grace Counselling Coaching & Hypnotherapy Services our approach is based on proven psychological principles, upheld by high ethical standards

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Lorraine’s psychology studies began in Canada in 1991. Her eagerness to understand herself and passion to help others lead her on a mission trip to Australia.

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