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Gracious Jewel Meditations

Gracie Giuliano

Crows Nest NSW 2065

Gracious Jewel Meditations

Welcome to Gracious Jewel Meditation

Gracious Jewel Meditations


Hi my name is Gracie Giuliano. Not so long ago I was feeling exhausted, highly stressed and overwhelmed. I had become very unwell and it wasn’t until I decided to take some time out from it all that I realised that I had become very neglectful of my well being. I began using meditation as part of my healing and self care ritual.  Managing my stress with meditation provided an opportunity to still the mind and find inner peace and wellbeing.

If someone had told me twelve months ago that I’d be considering becoming a meditation teacher, I would not have believed them. In February 2018 I began studying with The Australian College of Holistic Studies and am currently studying the Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation. I'm learning many and varied meditation techniques as well as gaining more of an insight of myself.

I don’t need to tell you how incredibly amazing my journey in the last twelve months has been. I’m writing this so that others who may be going through something similar can relate and perhaps feel a little motivated about doing something to change their life.

I guess the place to start is the time when I experienced the most despair. The time when the universe said to me that it was time to take time for self care. Without divulging too much about where I worked or what I did, I’ll try to steer clear of blaming others for what happened as I now know that it was a life lesson.

For what seemed to be the longest time I had been getting migraines, neck pain, hip pain and there were food intolerances as well. My hormones were out of whack and periods had become erratic and really, really heavy. I was taking one or two days off per week due to illness and it was becoming a problem with work. My moods were getting worse. I’d wake up with nausea most mornings because I just couldn’t face going to work. Once there I would get upset at the slightest thing or react angrily when I didn’t agree with what someone said or proposed. I wasn’t a really nice person to be around.

What did I want to change?

I wanted to wake up happy and excited about my day ahead, instead of being full of angst and woeful of what might be laying ahead of me. I wanted people to see me shine and to see me as a good person, not be worried about what might set me off and being avoided because I was too hard to deal with. I wanted to laugh more and be joyful, rather than obsessed with work and feel really heavy and worn out.


I knew from previous bouts of the blues that it was really important for me to have a structure to my days otherwise I was going to end up spending them in bed. The difference this time was that I didn’t have a busy job that left me too exhausted to do any self care things for myself.


I introduced an early morning guided meditation ritual. I would sit on the balcony in the quiet dawn and meditate on gratitude.


Well I have a secret which I’m going to share with you. Instinctively I was drawn to the water being a water sign and it didn’t take long to realise how quickly this calmed me down. The aspect of beaches have an opening to the horizon, so your outlook opens up rather than being closed in when we dwell on the negative things in our lives.

Now, I was lucky because I happened to start walking on the beach in winter, and this particular winter was a glorious one and I didn’t miss many mornings. My morning walk would take 40 minutes and I did that most mornings. Initially I would go after school drop off, but as the mornings became warmer I would get up go for my walk and be back in time to help out with school lunches. In the height of summer and because of daylight savings I get up as early as five o’clock, do my yoga, drive to the beach, go for a walk and a little swim followed by a meditation. I’m usually done by eight o’clock. I call this my happy place.


This is really huge but so so important. Forgiveness didn’t come easy for me as I would hurt too easily and hold grudges for a long time. The biggest thing I needed to find forgiveness about was all that I had done in the past. I needed to forgive my part in any hurt that I had contributed toward with others, rather than blaming others for the things that have happened to me. This is ongoing as some days it hurts too much to work on it. I also then forgive all those ……


First and foremost there is self love. Being able to stand in front of a mirror and say “I love you” isn’t easy for most of us, but its the most important thing we need to be able to say.

As I near completion of my course with ACHS I’m very excited to be offering meditation courses in which we will be exploring techniques that will help with managing stress, dissolve anxious thoughts and enhance physical & mental wellbeing, engage your intuition and most importantly to guide you into a meditation practise that will hopefully become part of your self care from day to day. We will look at different meditation techniques to offer an wholistic approach to your practise and to help you to find inner peace and a place for healing. I look forward to a rewarding experience guiding meditation and being of service to others. Cant wait to meet you.


What do I do?

30 minute Weekly Guided Meditation Classes

$25   |   Casual Rate

Monday Lunchtimes -  12.30pm
Tuesday Mornings - 10am
Sunday Mornings - 10am

Suitable for all levels of experience

Guided Meditation Guided Meditation is an incredibly enjoyable and inspiring way to achieve inner peace and wellbeing. During guided meditation you are immersed within positivity, creating a blissful experience that results in a deep state of relaxation and provides real and immediate benefits. You’ll feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

Some of the benefits

  • Improved clarity in life

  • Spiritual development

  • Experiencing elation, freedom and expanded awareness

  • Emotional and physical healing

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Profoundly deep relaxation

  • Increased confidence and personal empowerment

  • Opening the heart and healing relationships

  • Overcome negativity or self defeating behaviours

  • Improved performance in business or sports

  • Resolving psychological difficulties

"What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me." HELEN KELLER

Bookings required as spaces are limited 0403 801 848

Private Meditation Lesson

Mondays $90/hr or $120 for 2 people

Allow me to create a meditation especially for you.

5 week Beginner Meditation Course - Part 1

Tuesday Evenings   |   7.30pm - 9.00pm

$100 for 5 weeks from 12/3/2019 until 9/4/2019

Bookings & payment required for whole course prior to commencement (no casual attendance)

This Part 1 of a 5 week beginner meditation course explores techniques for relaxation in a variety of meditation styles with a wholistic approach.

Over the 5 weeks the sessions will address meditation basics, getting started and staying committed in a daily practice, the different postures of meditation, how to deal with an active mind, addressing any obstacles that may arise and using the breath to manage stress. Providing you with element for your toolkit for helping you establish you own daily meditation practise.

This Part 1 of a 5 week beginner meditation course comes with a course manual as well as practice recorded guided meditations to enhance your daily practise at home.

So if you’ve wanted to learn to meditate for a while, come along and experience a regular group meditation where you can learn to be still, calm down and begin to look deeply within.

Spaces are limited to 10 spots, please confirm your place with me using the contact details below.

Contact: Gracie
Mobile: 0403 801 848

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