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Green Apple Wellness Centre - Remedial Massage


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    Why Get a Massage?

    Therapeutic Massage is now broadly accepted as an effective treatment of muscular, nerve, fascia and joint pain. Sports physios and doctors recognise the vital role of the massage practitioner in the treatment of soft tissue.

    The function of muscles is to allow our skeleton to move. Healthy muscles shorten and lengthen to allow bones to move. Skeletal muscles work in pairs and an imbalance in any opposing muscles will place unnecessary stress on the joint. This will eventually manifest as pain and dysfunction. Release of soft tissue tension can reduce pain miraculously.

    If soft tissue is the problem, then massage is a non-invasive form of therapy which can be used as a treatment modality.

    "For more than thirty years I have been doing safe and effective massage, utilising various techniques, to treat areas of muscular and fascial tightness. I now work with a team of excellent therapists with whom I share my accumulated knowledge. If we consider remedial massage inappropriate for your problem, we will have no hesitation in referring you on to local doctors, podiatrists and physios whom we have found excellent in their particular field. We are also very happy to work with them to achieve the best results for you."
    - Victoria Gill


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    • All therapists are registered for medical refund purposes.
    • HiCaps on-site for immediate refunds.
    • Phone for appointment 3261 1249


    The Massage Chair is a great quick and effective alternative to having a Remedial Massage. It is also helpful for a bit of relief in between your regular Massage Treatments. The normal Massage Chair session runs for 15 minutes and
    • Plays a crucial role in alleviating back pain
    • Provides some measure of pain relief and relaxation
    • Improves venous and lymphatic flow
    • Increases blood flow
    • Facilitates circulation
    • Facilitates absorption of nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues
    • Decreases tension and improves flexibility.
    • Helps loosen tight and strained muscles
    • Increases endorphin levels – proved to enhance general well-being
    • Produces both physical and psychological effects to help reduce common symptoms of back pain


    Single session - $22
    Voucher of 3 - $49

    Gift Vouchers are also available

    For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


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