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New thought patterns are essential for change to occur. All you have to do is decide where you want to be and that you’re ready to go there, now.

GR Group Consulting - Coaching

Holistic Coaching & Meditation

Finding excuses or looking for someone to blame for our current situation can be easy. But this will only serve to handicap the individual by concentrating on the issues as opposed to how you can overcome it.

At some point in our lives we have all been coached. Some have been effective and others may have been not as effective. You alone are responsible to how your life is shaped. It is integral to understand that nobody can prevent or deny your success, but yourself. Once you accept this, you have taken the very first step towards fulfilling your goals and your future.

Life coaching and meditation can significantly enhance Women’s, Men’s or Children’s health issues and as your coach I will help you to replace habitual unwanted patterns, beliefs and behaviours. Once you experience how easy this can be, you will truly understand how confident I am about the results that I know you can achieve.

It does not matter whether you live locally or interstate if you have internet, mobile phone and a skype account we can still work together in helping you to achieve your aspirations and goals.

Our Prices 

  • Life Coaching 1 Session: $100

  • Life Coaching 5 Sessions: $480

  • Life Coaching 10 Sessions: $800

  • Life Coaching Non-Standard 1: $130

  • Life Coaching Non-Standard 5 Sessions: $630

  • Life Coaching Non-Standard 10 Sessions: $1,100.00

  • Meditation: $35

  • Walk to Success: $55

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