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Realise Optimal Health:

Learn more about two of the best natural therapy experts who can help you achieve optimal health

Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Chiropractor

Creating Optimal Health

With us at Grow Therapies, you can bring your body back to balance by initiating your natural healing mechanisms and regulating your body systems through individual treatments and programmes designed to meet your specific needs.

You can achieve long-lasting results within your health goals because we address not only the symptoms of injury and disease but also their original root cause through comprehensive assessment, thorough treatment, and long-term care and support.

Your Health Providers

Nyree Ashdown 

Nyree has a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Diploma of Tui Na – Chinese Massage (Endeavour College of Natural Health). She trained with Dr Richard Tan, a master in acupuncture methods for pain relief and management, during her post-graduate education. 

Nyree’s journey with Chinese Medicine began with personal curiosities aimed at helping a family member whose autoimmune disorder was often misdiagnosed and ill-treated. Her desire to help people like you with your health goals was fueled by her witnessing the power and success of treatments as well as seeing a life transformed from pain and illness to one of optimal health.

Providing natural healthcare to all is Nyree’s passionate journey that continues daily. By combining the latest scientific research with clinical experience, she delivers the highest degree of healthcare service excellence possible.

Helen Summers

Helen attended RMIT University in Melbourne to earn her chiropractic qualification. In 1999, she bought The Spine Centre, formally Newmarket Chiropractic Centre, after working for three years in regional Queensland. With more than two decades of clinical experience, she has become known for being highly proficient adjuster who uses both traditional chiropractic and lower-force techniques.

Helen realised that chiropractic was the right field for her because of its philosophy and idea that health comes from within and not in the form of a tablet. “A person is designed to be healthy. The body just needs to be able to express itself without interference. I believe everyone has the ability to experience better health with better habits.”

Health is her greatest value and so Helen’s life outside of the clinic revolves around it. She exercises daily using different forms of training to be an example to her clients.

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Qualification Details

Nyree Ashdown

Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Diploma of Tui Na Chinese Massage (Endeavour College of Natural Health)

Helen Summers

Bachelor of Applied Science - Chiropractic

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