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The Cranial Kinesiologist will be effectivel able to improve sleep, reduce tinnitus, increase neck movement, reduce back and neck pain and reduce the severity and frequency of headaches.

Grow Through Kinesiology - Cranial Kinesiology

Cranial Kinesiology meshes together Craniosacral therapies and Kinesiology into one amazing therapy that can effect positive changes in a range of areas in individual’s lives. Cranial Kinesiology releases stressors of the sophisticated cranial system.

Cranial Kinesiology work includes body orientation for axial alignment, the atlas and nervous system organisation, the complex structures of the cranial bones, the head, the spinal column and the neck and how they relate to the pelvis and sacrum. Throughout a Cranial Kinesiology session the therapist makes light and gentle contact on specific points around the spine, head and sacrum and muscle monitors where any areas of imbalance and misalignments are in the body system and is focused on as a specific part of the session.

A Cranial Kinesiologist works on the basis that if the body is not balanced and misaligned, the body is unable to heal itself. The body’s innate inability to self-correct is highlighted by discrepancy between the results of the body structure and muscle monitoring. The cause behind the imbalance stems from inappropriate proprioceptor signals that are confused and scrambled as the nerve pulse moves from the muscle of the peripheral nervous system up to the central nervous system to the cortex and back down again to the muscle.

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Find you inner balance with Kinesiology and grow into a healthy happy you.

Grow Through Kinesiology - Kinesiology

Kinesiology has the ability to bring imbalances of body and mind back into alignment.

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